created by specialists for enthusiasts. What is this novelty? / Hebrew

created by specialists for enthusiasts. What is this novelty? / Hebrew

When we talk about gaming keyboards, we usually think of a full-sized system with mechanical switches and backlighting in all possible (and sometimes very unexpected) places. Of course, this is just a cliché, in reality, gaming keyboards can vary greatly from one another. Cooler Master CK720 is a rather unusual model, details are below.

What’s so special about this keyboard?

It is full-sized, its volume is only 65% ​​of normal. At the same time, the keyboard is quite comfortable, plus the developers provided direct keys, which is quite unusual for small keyboards.

Keycaps can be changed, switches can also be changed, and hot. And the keyboard itself is equipped with a noise absorber, so it will not disturb others. It cannot be called quiet, but it will not rumble either, which is good.

The wired keyboard is connected to a PC or laptop using USB-C. There is a backlight, and there are programmable buttons. A software package has also been developed for the device, where you can customize the lighting, layout, etc. This package is called Master Plus+.

The keyboard is the first model from Cooler Master, designed not just for gamers, but for enthusiasts, lovers of custom keyboards. As already mentioned above, switches and keycaps can be changed. There is also a volume control in the form of a wheel, which is located in the upper right corner. You can also click on it, which allows you to bind an additional function – a macro or a symbol.

The lower part of the keyboard is made of plastic. There are folding legs that allow you to change the angle of the keyboard, adjusting it to yourself. The silicone gasket inside the case absorbs excess noise, which was already mentioned above. The sound is relatively quiet and at the same time deep, which leaves a pleasant impression.

By the way, the manufacturer offers three color options for Kailh Box switches – red, white or brown. The symbols on the keycaps are transparent, so the illumination penetrates from the inside, the letters are illuminated.

There is a plastic latch on the left side of the keyboard that hides the mount that allows you to remove the top of the keyboard. In this way, you can change the color of the keyboard, if you wish. True, at the moment this accessory is not on sale, but it should be on sale in the near future.

As for connecting to a PC, only the cable from the manufacturer is suitable for the keyboard. The connector, i.e. the plastic around it, is slightly wider than a standard cable. Accordingly, only it fits perfectly into the nest. It’s not a very good practice to make standard elements unique, but what can you do. So it is better to keep the cable intact and safe, without subjecting it to tests.


  • Switches – Kailh Box V2 Brown

  • Lighting – Lighting Per-key RGB

  • There is internal memory

  • Additional buttons are a rotary control

  • Connection – USB Type-C

  • Keycaps – Double-Shot PBT

  • Software – Master Plus +

  • Size – 334x118x37 mm

  • Weight – 950 g

Setting up and working with the keyboard

There are no particular problems with it – those who have tested it in action say that there are no lags in games or connection problems. Everything works as it should. The buttons are quite convenient, the switches too, so that there are no difficulties when working or playing.

As for the software, you can do without it, the default keyboard works well. But since the model is designed for enthusiasts, the software allows you to customize everything that may need to be customized, from the layout to the lighting or the binding of macros.

True, there are no built-in layers. Only one layer within which buttons can be reassigned. Up to four keyboard configurations are supported – all this is “remembered” by the software. So you can create a profile for work, for play, for your wife and cat.

The keyboard comes with 11 backlit color schemes, all of which look good. But unfortunately, the backlight doesn’t sync with the music playing like some other keyboards do. Well, not a big deal, but it would be nice to get this feature.

What in the end?

It can be said that the keyboard is good, although it cannot be called a professional gaming keyboard. Rather, it allows you to play without problems, but due to its small size, it does not have additional functional buttons, so it will not work to bind many macros for different games.

There is no possibility of a layered configuration, which is appreciated by fans of mechanical keyboards. True, the software for adjustment is still good, plus the keyboard has a controller, a rotating backlight, as well as feet to adjust the angle of the keyboard.

The Cooler Master CK720 model is rather a universal keyboard that is suitable for work and play. It is not quite a gamer. Its cost is about $120 – there are price tags and higher, it all depends on the color of the keyboard, scrolls and keycaps.

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