Competition on Freelancehunt – a monument to the customer

Competition on Freelancehunt – a monument to the customer

Freelancehunt competitions are suitable for tasks that have a creative component. You publish tasks, and freelancers send ready-made solutions. This is an excellent opportunity for the customer to receive dozens, or even hundreds of implementation options. You don’t need to waste time searching for a performer: you immediately choose the best result. Today we’ll talk about what needs to be done to make the competition successful, and you get exactly the result you expect.

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Checklist for registration of the competition

We will tell you about the main stages of the competition and the factors influencing the quality and quantity of submitted works. We recommend following this checklist when publishing a competition.

Choose the right category

You can open a competition in one of 33 categories. 5 most popular:

  1. Simferopol logo.
  2. Package.
  3. Site design.
  4. Image.
  5. Naming.

Before publishing, check if your task fits into one of these categories.

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Analyze published competitions in your category

To make your task easier, take up to 10 minutes and analyze already published competitions:

  • Pay attention to competitions with a large number of participants. Consider why freelancers are so involved. Are they attracted by the task itself, the budget, or both?
  • Don’t pass by competitions where there are few participants. Consider why freelancers, on the other hand, don’t want to participate. Is there little information in the brief, a complex niche or a small budget?

Mark for yourself the abstracts from the descriptions that, in your opinion, influenced the success/failure of the competitions.

Cooperation of freelancers with the national program #Save the End

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Accurate name

Formulate the most accurate name of the competition. This will help weed out non-target performers and attract the attention of specialists in a specific niche. For example, from this title it is clear what exactly needs to be done:

Detailed brief

To make it easier to describe the competition, we have prepared a detailed brief for each category – about 20 questions. A completed brief is one of the main secrets of a successful competition. Think about what is important for you to indicate so that freelancers complete the task efficiently, and what nuances matter. These answers will help performers understand what kind of result you want to get.

It is not necessary to use the brief offered to us. You can create it yourself in any form, indicating all the important details.

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Work examples

Add examples of work. Show clearly what you like and in what style. It will be easier for freelancers to navigate, and you will be more likely to get high-quality results.


Use tags to help freelancers easily find the competition.

Competition budget

Offer performers a decent fee. The higher the budget, the more talented freelancers will want to participate. Don’t skimp on your budget if the project is very important to you.

Clue: in each category, the service recommends amounts to customers for a good and good result. Use our tips if you don’t know what budget to offer.

Duration of the competition

If the task is not urgent, set the duration of the competition to at least 7 days. During this time, freelancers will have time to prepare high-quality versions of work, clarify details and take into account comments.

Work evaluation

Give ratings so that performers understand what kind of work you like. This way they can offer other options or continue working in the same vein. If the ratings are low, freelancers will do the work in a different style or direction.

Works rated 5 stars will be seen by all competition participants. They will be able to focus on the style that you like.

If any options don’t meet your expectations at all, reject them.

Hide work from participants

Don’t want competition participants to send the same type of work? Click the “Hide Works” button and freelancers will not be able to see the options submitted by other artists.

Possibility of public discussion

Include a discussion about the competition. If freelancers have questions or clarifications about the task, they can write them in the discussion. Be sure to look at what freelancers are asking. Perhaps you should supplement the brief with information that will help you get a better result.

For example, on this issue in the discussion it is clear that the customer forgot to indicate what exactly the design is needed for. If the opportunity for public discussion had been closed, most likely the customer’s expectations would not have been met.

Checking for plagiarism

Check the proposed works for plagiarism by clicking on the appropriate button.

The check will show whether the image or its elements have been used on the Internet. The search is carried out using Google Images and Tineye Pictures, which guarantees high accuracy of reconciliation.

Correcting the task

Have you received your first jobs and realize that they don’t quite meet your expectations? Make adjustments to the task and describe what the competition participants should pay attention to. The performers will be able to make changes to the work, and you will get the best result.

Finalization of the result

Once you have chosen the winner, you can make minimal edits and finalize details with it.

Read more about how competitions work in the Knowledge Base.

To get the best implementation of your creative task, draw up a brief correctly, participate in the discussion of works and evaluate them at the acceptance stage. Do you want to publish a competition? Do it right now!

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