Chinese weightlifter with AMD EPYC server, RISC-V laptop and station with 7 displays

Chinese weightlifter with AMD EPYC server, RISC-V laptop and station with 7 displays

Manufacturers from different countries sometimes release very unusual laptop models on the market. This refers to various devices, for example, laptops with several screens. We have already written about many of them, but now new devices have appeared. For example, a laptop with a server processor, a laptop with a RISC-V chip and some others. About all this under execution.


A very interesting device appeared in China, which had no equal. This is a laptop, most likely a mobile workstation, which is assembled on a component base for desktop PCs and servers. The system, of course, can be suitable for an ordinary user, but it is more likely to be used in the scientific field, data centers, and also for processing “heavy” content.

This “laptop” is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 video card. The thickness of the case is 39 mm, so the cooling of the internal components is sufficient. But it is not air, but liquid. Yes, everything is correct – a liquid cooling system with a high-pressure pump and a reservoir is installed in the laptop.

In terms of specs, the CPU options are AMD EPYC 7713 (Zen 3.7nm microarchitecture) and EPYC 9554 (Zen 4.5nm), both of which are 64-core server processors. The former has a TDP of 225W and scores 49,000 in Cinebench R23.

By the way, the AMD EPYC 7713 64-core processor with a base frequency of 2 GHz is intended for use in single/dual-processor server systems with SP3 connectors, the cache memory is 256 MB, and the thermal power is 225 W.

Well, the second chip, EPYC 9554, is much more productive. The clock frequency of the model is 3.10 GHz, the total number of cores is 64/128. The processor supports DDR5-4800 and is installed in the motherboard on the SP5 socket. The estimated TDP is 360 W.

We have already said about the video card, it is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 with 16 GB of memory. The diagonal of the screen is 17 inches with a resolution of 2.5K and a frequency of 240 Hz. There is also a version with a resolution of 4K and a frequency of 120 Hz. Moreover, the developers provided an auxiliary 3.5-inch display, which displays diagnostic data of the processor and video card.

In addition, there are two ports with 10-Gbit Ethernet and an IPMI 2.0 server interface.

The dimensions of the device case when closed are 420×325×46 mm including the power supply unit. So this monstrous laptop is quite capable of fitting into a standard bag for a 17-inch laptop. The weight of the device has not yet been specified.

Ask how much it costs? There is no price yet, it will be known after December 19. But it is clear that it will be very, very expensive, since the processor alone costs several thousand dollars. And there is also a video adapter, custom assembly, etc.

Lichee Console 4A

Unlike the previous giant,

new laptop

from the selection – tiny. Its diagonal is only 7 inches, and it itself looks like a reduced copy of the device from Lenovo.

The difference between the device and arc devices in the architecture of the processor is RISC-V. Therefore, software developers for this architecture can test their projects directly and quickly.

The device has 16GB of LPDDR4X RAM, 128GB of eMMC storage, and an optional external NGFF solid-state drive. The resolution of the screen is 1280 x 800. Lichee Console 4A comes with an HDMI port for outputting the image to an external display and a 2 MP front camera.

It has a Wi-Fi 6E wireless communication module and Bluetooth 5.4. And the device is equipped with a 1 Gbit/s Ethernet port and three USB ports: USB 3.0 Type-A, USB 2.0 Type-A and USB 3.0 Type-C. It also has a microSD card slot, which allows you to add a little more file space.

Here is the full list of features of the Lichee Console 4A:

• SOM: LM4A (TH1520, 4×C910)
• internal memory: 128GB eMMC + external NGFF SSD
• display: 7 inches, 1280 × 800, there is miniHDMI
• input: Capacitive Touch, RedPoint 72 keyboard
• camera: 2MP front camera
• audio: 3.5mm
• network: Wi-Fi 6 + BT5.4, optional – 1×GbE
• ports and connectors: 1 × USB3.0 Type-A, 1 × USB3.0 Type-C, 1 × USB2.0 Type-A, 1 × MicroSD
• battery: 3000 [email protected]
• dimensions and weight: 18 × 14 × 2 cm, 650 gr

Lichee Console 4A battery capacity is 3000 mAh. The computer supports the RedPoint scrolling feature, which is similar to the Lenovo TrackPoint. The laptop has an aluminum outer case. The weight of the device is 650 g.

Aurora 7

This laptop impressed me the most, because it is not even a laptop, but the most powerful workstation equipped with seven displays at once. It began to be sold at the beginning of this year (although the price is disclosed only on request) – maybe someone managed to buy?

As for the characteristics, everything here is very good. The laptop is based on AMD Ryzen 9 3950x. It’s a 16-core chip with 32 threads, a base frequency of 3.5GHz to a peak of 4.7GHz, and 14MB of L3 cache. TDP 105 W, the processor itself is not new – AMD introduced it back in the fall of 2019. It is made from the 7nm technical process of the manufacturer TSMC.

This giant has two batteries at once, which provide about 2.5 hours of battery life. Not bad considering the number of screens and their power consumption.

Of them, four are main and three are auxiliary. As for the main displays, they are 17.3-inch panels with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels each (Ultra HD or 4K format). Auxiliary supports Full HD resolution or 1920×1080 pixels at a diagonal of 7 inches.

There is a review of this laptop on Khabra.

Probably, these are the most unusual modern laptops that the author of the selection has ever heard of. Perhaps you know of other strange and unusual devices? If so, tell us about them in the comments.

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