Chemists received a card with digital solutions to industry tasks

Chemists received a card with digital solutions to industry tasks

K2Tech presented a map of import-independent IT solutions for chemistry and petrochemicals.

According to the expert assessments of K2Tech analysts, today there are already enough reliable and competitive developments in the domestic market that can replace most of the systems of Western suppliers in the chemical industry. The main available industries for the introduction of domestic IT products are now presented in one place – on map of digital solutions for chemistry and petrochemicals, developed by K2Tech experts based on experience in project implementation, industry expertise and conducted analytics.

The map was presented Deputy General Director for Business Development of K2Tech Ihor Zeldets at the 26th International Exhibition of Chemical Industry and Science “Chemistry-2023” in the capital CEC “Expocenter”, where about 500 companies from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey, India, China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) gathered. A K2Tech expert commented on the significance of the map for the industry at the round table “Digitalization of enterprises of the chemical complex”dedicated to the digitalization of the chemical industry and the results of replacing foreign IT solutions with Russian developments.

According to Igor Zeldets, there is a growing demand for import substitution projects of various complexity in the chemical industry market, starting from the localization of IT infrastructures and ending with large implementations of ERP systems and the construction of data management platforms. The map of digital solutions can become for any chemical enterprise a reference document for choosing from available domestic products that are most suitable for current business requests.

As an example of an import substitution project in the industry, expert K2Tech talked about the introduction of a Russian predictive analytics platform for the production of methylene chloride at JSC HaloPolymer, one of the largest producers of fluoropolymer products.

“During the use of the implemented system, it is planned to increase the proportion of methylene chloride content at the reactor outlet to 15% on average, increase the time to reach the specified range of production to 18%”– comments Ihor Zeldets.

In general, the increase in the number of cases of the introduction of domestic IT solutions in the oil and gas market of the Russian Federation increases the confidence of customers in Russian products. This is especially true for decisions about business-critical processes. Thanks to such feedback from the market, domestic vendors will be able to refine their products to meet the needs of industry enterprises as much as possible.

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