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The writer explores the topic of artificial intelligence and how the ChatGPT algorithm can be used to improve our lives. They discuss their own experience with machine learning and how they used it to train a neural network for a video game. They then go on to explain how the ChatGPT algorithm can be used to advise us on how to create a project with a socially significant component, which can ultimately lead to financial gain through group participation. They invite readers to join a social experiment game, where they can contribute to the project and earn dividends in the end. The article also touches on open-source projects and the benefits of openness in the long run.

ChatGPT social experiment

We live in an amazing time, in the near future our species will face a new challenge, strong artificial intelligence, there is a danger of a technological singularity. But today it’s easier… With the advent of the opportunity to browse information through the Internet, a lot of data, from useful to useless, passed through my brain. Among all the accumulated garbage, neural connections responsible for information about artificial neural networks were formed and when I met the news that there were significant successes in pattern recognition and all experiments are available for repetition at home on nvidia GPUs, it became a trigger for me. “went” in this direction… Studying the concept of machine learning in more detail, it became obvious, as it is to many, that reinforcement learning will be an important algorithm in the formation of a strong AI like in cult films. My conclusions at that time were based on experiments with GTA 5. Having collected data from fights with NPCs, I created a basis for training CNN-RNN, I did not understand what I was doing, I acted intuitively. After training ANN, the result upset me – the resulting model could not win in NPC fistfights. I began to think about how to improve the result, thereby expanding my knowledge, getting acquainted with learning with reinforcement. A completely different approach, with its own nuances, and most importantly, with a complex system of control and rules. The lack of knowledge, skills, and experience generated in me an idea that is the easiest to test. To train the data I collected, to improve it using reinforcement learning, to personally evaluate the performance of the algorithm, forming its strategy to achieve the result I expected, reducing the training time. Surprisingly, everything worked out, I could not turn my concept into a mathematical form, but I tried to draw attention to myself with the project At that time, I did not realize that this concept would become one of the components of the current most developed ChatGPT algorithm. It seemed to me that if I was fooling myself, with a lack of mathematical knowledge, I figured it out, then someone else did the same. In the future, I saw confirmation of my thoughts in articles on arxiv with math that I can’t recreate on my own. Nowadays it works well, architecture transformer removed the limitations of RNNs, allowing large amounts of data to be trained relatively quickly. Now directly to the topic, as they say: why did I gather you here! ChatGPT can now be characterized by the word “hype”! Every day articles are generated about this algorithm and that algorithm, but why is there no article in which ChatGPT advises us, the community of people, to improve our lives. It is trained on many examples of information about game theory, successful business cases… I did not have a long interaction with this demonstration of human capabilities. This article is the result of cooperation with the algorithm. A plan has been drawn up and I follow it. Part of the received recommendations should not be disclosed. Bot organically mixed my thoughts in his version of this article. A small fragment of interaction.

I: want to make money from my software code, the most effective way?
ChatGPT: create a project based on a socially significant component, broadcast these thoughts to the audience, increase the capitalization of the project due to the interest of the participants.
I: how to make a profit?
ChatGPT: creation of a project development support fund
I: why the fund?
ChatGPT: fund is a conventional designation of a group of people participating in a project. Capital, invested human resources, determines the value of the project. The fund can exist independently of the main project, pay for promising ideas of participants, receiving more and more useful solutions around the main project. The foundation is an important part of the open source project, reflecting the chosen strategy.
I: where to start?
ChatGPT: advertising, presentation, demo version. Search for like-minded people. Finding support from organizations interested in your project. Public financial support.
I: not clear what will bring profit?
ChatGPT: profit is an abstraction of your expectations, the existence of a project that united a group of people, a valuable resource. The right interaction with the human resource will allow you to earn money.

regardless of the wording of the request, the bot generates similar information, but with a different interpretation. In general, nothing new, standard advice, articles from the Internet, are present in the educational data.

ChatGPT proposes a strategy: we should come together and raise finance for the fund. This is very similar to what reddit users did with GameStop’s stock, AMC. About games and strategy in society, ChatGPT publishes a mixture of popular articles on this topic, with specifics inherent in this architecture. There is no “super secret”, a standard well-established algorithm of actions of people who unite in societies that form value as a result.

  • cryptocurrency the value due to the interest in it, a huge number of people, which worsens the ecological condition of the planet, without producing “anything” material.

  • habr – valuable for me and many, society, in the Russian-speaking segment. Most value their karma and try to write good articles, increasing the overall value of the resource, but unfortunately all the profit from our activity goes to the creators of the project, and there is nothing wrong with that. habr. Instead, there is an opportunity to use the created resource to create something of your own.

Following the advice, trying to push something to the masses –, the project has some value. Nothing unique, collecting successful solutions from the Internet that work with a minimum number of errors. ChatGPT considers a project with a socially significant component to be successful, any working code in the open access is socially significant, of course there are exceptions. The experiment should be perceived as a game, the rules are intuitively known and understandable, to increase the market capitalization of the proposed project. If you participate, there is an opportunity to be honored by something that will pay you dividends in the end.

For those who did not understand: increase the value from 0 to N value, divide the profit between the participants, considering the key performance indicators. My performance indicator is 2, organized the game, created the conditions.
my score will not change until the end of the game experiment, regardless of the results. – I invite you to joint development. For this project, I assembled a modest by current standards server, located at my home at my permanent IP address, the current version of the project is publicly available githubIf you have the ability to transfer the code to a specialized computing center, you automatically become a member of the game. If you want to criticize the code, design, interface, follow the motto criticize – suggest. See significant security flaws, do it commitin your power to think and implement a modern, convenient interface – commit. Become a member, every action in this social experiment game can benefit you. By involving you in the game, I will benefit myself. Why my project? Not necessarily, offer your option around which we can unite.

server characteristics, 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD

www.спильнота.com – can become the first popular social network, with open source code, with its advantages and disadvantages. It is not known how our data is processed in telegram, vk, the entire structure of these projects is closed from us.

  • openness in the long run will improve security

  • openness will increase the convenience of the project to a level unattainable by commercial analogues

  • openness will allow faster implementation of modern solutions

  • openness will allow content producers to understand the algorithms of the project

  • openness will allow you to use the code in your own projects

I implemented the standard template of a modern site: personal messages, comments, adding material, user connections. The main characteristic is asynchronous interaction with the server according to the protocol WebSocket. Python (django) server side, pure jsvascript client side.

No need to “whip” me for the quality of the code, do better commit!

Let’s say you have accepted the rules of the game, what are your next steps?

  1. Creating chat bots with interesting functionality

  2. Improve the interface

  3. Implement new functionality

  4. Rewrite the code to improve readability/performance

  5. Implement the same in another programming language

  6. Make a more flexible Django build from out-of-the-box functionality

  7. Offer technical support

  8. Offer organizational services

  9. Support financially

  10. Help with advertising

  11. The limit is fantasy

An important technical solution in the project will be the storage of personal data on users’ devices bypassing the server. RTX 3090 GPU used to generate an image from the text, Kadensky 2.1. Works with two languages: Russian and English, translator opus-mt-ru-en. Image creation time is 8-10 seconds. The numbers are indicative, the project will not cope with a large load, excellent marketing on www.спильнота.com 😊. ChatGPT offers to create a distribution of resources between the intended participants, analog folding@home, with a reward system. The article should stop at this point. Write!

An example of an interface for mobile devices:

main page, menu open / closed

user page (primitive personalization) / users (simple search, autocomplete)

content page

personal messages


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