changes to Plus and other updates to the service

changes to Plus and other updates to the service

We recently announced that we are raising the price for Plus starting January 10, 2024. This is a forced measure associated with rising inflation and prices for international services necessary to ensure stable operation of the site. But despite this, we invest in the development of the service and continue to work with you.

We’re not just raising the price, but also adding new Plus options that will help you use the service even more efficiently. In this article we will talk in detail about innovations for freelancers.

Changes related to Plus

So, what changes can users expect with the Plus update?

New tariff plan

We would like to inform you that you can now purchase Plus for 1 month or 12 months. Cost Plus for 1 month amounts to 399 UAH.

note: Users who purchase Plus for 1 year pay for 10 months of use and receive 2 months free.

Cost Plus for 12 months 3990 UAH.

Changes to the list of options

Due to their irrelevance, we are removing some options from Plus and from the service in general:

  • Business consultant.
  • Projects for Plus users only.

And we make some options available to all users:

  • Stickers. As soon as we updated their localization and made two full sets: for customers and freelancers.
  • Answer via Telegram bot. But we still advise you to switch to communicating in the messenger.

Launch of the Freelancehunt Messenger mobile application

Freelancehunt presents a messenger that will facilitate communication between service users. The application works on Android and iOS phones.

New Plus Options for Freelancers

AI Betting

Plus freelancers can generate project bids using artificial intelligence. The text is generated automatically based on the project data and freelancer profile. This option will make it easier for contractors to add a bid, and customers will receive better offers.

Now a freelancer can generate one bid text per project (i.e. 1 project – 1 generation). After creating the text, you can edit it.

For now, the option will work in beta version.

To generate the bid text, the AI ​​will use the following data:

Key parameters are a description of the project specified by the customer and information about the contractor from the “Detailed information about me” block.

note: If data about a freelancer’s experience and skills is posted in the profile as a file rather than text, it will not be possible to automatically generate a bid using AI.

Please check the availability and quality of the data specified in the profile.

Hidden competition entry

Now Freelancers from Plus participating in Competitions can hide their competition work from other performers. This option works similarly to hidden bids in projects. In this way, designers will protect their work from plagiarism by other artists, and customers will receive more diverse options.

Hidden work works regardless of the settings chosen by the customer when creating or running the Competition. That is, if the work is hidden, and the customer removes the hiddenness of the works from the entire competition, then the settings of the Plus owners remain unchanged.

note: the secrecy of works is maintained only at the final of the Competition, when new works are no longer accepted, and the customer has time to choose a winner. This algorithm was introduced to detect plagiarism of other works on the Internet, stock images, if this was prohibited by the terms of the Competition.

Changed standard sorting of bids on the project page

How it works: on the project page, when sorting bids, the following algorithm is typically implemented:

  • Bets added later are placed higher than those received earlier.
  • Plus rates are displayed above the rates of freelancers who do not have Plus activated.

note: if the user changes the standard sorting algorithm to any other, the priority of Plus bids will not be taken into account and they will be sorted by the selected algorithm, for example, by date, rating, etc.

A block with freelancer cards has been added to the project pages, which the customer can request for a project

How it works: to make the search for performers even more convenient, a block with cards of 10 freelancers in which Plus is active and working in the specialization of this project was added to the project page for the customer. At the same time, up to 5 cards are shown on the screen with the ability to scroll through them to view all 10. Freelancers are added to the block randomly. Required conditions: active Plus, appropriate specialization, freelancer has not increased the rate for the project.

The customer has the opportunity to invite a freelancer to view his project and add a bid in one click. Invitations are sent automatically; you do not need to add any text to the message.

You can invite no more than 20 performers to participate in the project.

Stickers for everyone – localized in 4 languages

We are pleased to inform you that we have improved branded stickers available for use in correspondence and Project Workspaces all users now and without Plus.

What exactly was done:

  1. Stickers were localized in Ukrainian, Polish and English. The language of stickers in conversations and Project Workspaces depends only on the platform interface language selected in your account settings.
  2. We divided the stickers by account type. Freelancers now have their own original set, and clients have theirs. Therefore, the dialogues will not contain a large number of similar and monotonous images.

Freelancer Sticker Set:

We hope that these changes will make your work on the service even more productive and help you receive an even larger number of projects.

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