changes, improvements and new functionality of the service

changes, improvements and new functionality of the service

We are constantly working to improve the service to provide our users with a comfortable working environment. We present you the first updates of the new year. We have prepared an article where we will tell you in detail about the innovations for customers.

Key changes to the project page

Find out further what changes await service customers.

Separate tab for project description

On the project page, a separate “Tasks” tab was added for the customer who published it, thus separating the description of the task from the freelancers’ rates for the customer. Immediately after the publication of the project, the customer goes directly to it in order to once again familiarize himself with the description of the project and make changes as necessary.

The next time the customer navigates to the project page, he immediately goes to the “Bids” tab. This should make it much easier for the customer to review rates and select a freelancer.

Changes to standard bet sorting

So that the customer does not miss the new rates added by freelancers for the project and focuses on them when loading the page, we grouped them into a single tab and placed them separately at the top of the page. The tab has the name “New Bids” and a counter for the number of new offers from performers. The rates themselves still have the “new” mark located next to the project conditions proposed by the freelancer.

After reviewing the rates, the customer can mark all of them as viewed by clicking on the appropriate button or simply reloading the page. Offers that were in a separate “New Bets” tab will be added to the general “Bids” section according to the standard sorting rules.

Typical sorting of bids on the project page is by date

We implemented the ability for the customer to have priority viewing of newly added rates that have been added to the general list.

Freelancer bids in the New Bids and Bids tab are typically sorted by date from most recent to previously added. Previously, the reverse algorithm was used.

A block with cards of freelancers that the customer can request for a project has been added to the project pages

How it works: to make the search for performers even more convenient, a block with cards of 10 freelancers working in the specialization of this project was added to the project page for the customer. At the same time, up to 5 cards are shown on the screen with the ability to scroll through them to view all 10. Freelancers are added to the block randomly. Required conditions: active Plus, appropriate specialization, freelancer has not increased the rate for the project.

The customer has the opportunity to invite a freelancer to view his project and add a bid in one click. Invitations are sent automatically; you do not need to add any text to the message.

You can invite no more than 20 performers to participate in the project.

note: The block will not be displayed if:

  • the number of invited performers is 20,
  • 10 or more bids have already been added to the project,
  • the number of performers with Plus of the corresponding specialization who have not yet been invited to the project is less than 5.

The customer can view information about the freelancer if he hovers the cursor over his avatar or name, and also clicks on the artist’s profile.

Stickers for everyone – localized in 4 languages

We are pleased to inform you that we have improved branded stickers available for use in correspondence and Project Workspaces. As soon as we updated their localization and made two full-fledged sets: for customers and freelancers.

What exactly was done:

  1. Stickers were localized in Ukrainian, Polish and English. The language of stickers in conversations and Project Workspaces depends only on the platform interface language selected in your account settings.
  2. We divided the stickers by account type. Freelancers now have their own original set, and clients have theirs. Therefore, the dialogues will not contain a large number of similar and monotonous images.

Customer sticker set:

We hope that these changes will make your work on the service more productive and help you complete more tasks efficiently.

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