Briefly about games from indie developers

Briefly about games from indie developers

They wrote to me recently 40 indie developersfor me to talk about their game on YouTube, but I haven’t had time to make a video release on all of them yet.

Therefore, I decided to write about each game every day in my Telegram channel. In order not to switch to the channel. I have collected here a list of these games with a brief description and on which engine game done You may find it interesting or useful.

Run Pizza Run

Pizza delivery simulator. Delivered all the pizzas to the address by running through the dangerous streets of the city.

Development term: the demo was made in 10 days, the release version in 3 months.

Engine: Unreal Engine.

Team composition: 2 people.

Link to the game

TRADESMAN: Deal to Dealer

Shake your cart, buy here, sell there, protect your goods and help your family.

Development term: started in 2021.

Engine: GameMaker.

Team composition: 2 people.

Link to the game

Lueur and the Dim Settlers

A minimalist construction simulator with elements of survival, perfect for short gaming sessions. Rebuild and rule your kingdom, collect resources and decide the fate of your people.

Development term: started in September 2022.

Engine: Godot.

Team composition: 1 person.

Link to the game

Zoria: Age of Shattering

A tactical team-based RPG with a well-established turn-based combat system, outpost and follower management. The action takes place in the great fantasy world of Zoria.
Development term: ~ 5 years

Engine: Unity

Team composition: 3 people

Link to the game

Weakest Death

A dynamic roguelike platformer. You have one life and one sword, kill all enemies.

Development term: 20 days.

Engine: Construct.

Team composition: 1 person.

Link to the game


A visual novel about a mental disorder.

Development term: 2 months.

Engine: RenPy.

Team composition: 1 person.

Link to the game

Halloween world

Plunge into the pumpkin world and go on an adventure in a place where there is always a creepy and creepy holiday! And remember, even at a party, don’t stray too far from the crowd. Who knows what can be waiting for you in a quiet and cozy corner…

Development term: 1.5 months

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Team composition: 2 people

Link to the game

Space Dezinsector

Make your way through the hordes of alien bugs using the objects around you. Disassemble rubble and overcome obstacles. Make your way through the corridors of an abandoned space station where you find yourself against your will.

Development term: 2.5 years.

Engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

Team composition: 2 people.

Link to the game


There are only 8 games out of 40 scheduled for technical reasons.

Your likes/dislikes will show how worthwhile it is to continue such selections. Games of completely different quality and composition of teams. A game with 25 people in the team did not fit here)

And the comments will tell me that this is all PR for my channels and indie games from these developers or, on the contrary, it is useful and you can do some analysis of how games should/shouldn’t be made.

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