Bose introduced open-type headphones Ultra Open Earbuds

Bose introduced open-type headphones Ultra Open Earbuds

Bose introduced Ultra Open Earbuds, open-type headphones with an unusual design. Designed in collaboration with fashion brand Kith, the headphones will be available exclusively at Kith stores starting January 22nd. Presumably, the novelty will be available in “extremely limited quantities” for $300.

Ultra Open headphones are attached to the ears, not “lying” in them. The manufacturer promises that the headphones will be comfortable to wear and at the same time will not drown out the sounds of the environment.

According to information on the Kith website, the Ultra Open, like the now-discontinued Bose Frames, features Bose OpenAudio technology, which directs music directly into the user’s ears without disturbing others. The battery is designed for 7.5 hours of continuous listening (up to 4.5 hours with Immersive Audio).

Bose already produced Sport Open Earbuds, which were discontinued in 2022. Such headphones are usually intended for users who do not like the feeling of in-canal devices. As for Kith, this is not the first audio equipment for the brand either: the company previously released Nothing Ear 1 and Ear 2 headphones.

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