Books that are rarely talked about

Books that are rarely talked about

I gave him a selection of books, he comes in a month or two, and from the threshold he immediately says:
– I can’t talk to my friends.
– Well, there is such a drawback.

interview by Jacques Fresco

Here I will write my free guide to books, what they are good for, why you should pay attention to them. The selection of books will not suit everyone, everyone has their own area of ​​expertise. But you can always try to expand it, thereby finding a common language with colleagues, knowing standard terms and methods of their use. Those who are particularly interested will acquire new skills and expert knowledge.

Name: Algorithmic tricks for programmers \ Hacker’s Delight
Author: Henry S. Warren Jr. \ Henry S. Warren Jr.
Year of publication: 2004 \ 2002
Number of pages: 508\512
ISBN: 978-5-907144-00-2\978-9-332540217

Donald Erwin Knuth, in his seminal workThe Art of Computer Programming, volume 4a» in section 7.1.3 Bit Tricks and Techniques cites “Algorithmic Tricks for Programmers” as the original source. The author of the book has done a huge amount of research on the manipulation of logical operations on bits. It is described in which cases such manipulations are faster than classical mathematical operations, as well as where these things are shorter and more sophisticated in writing the code. Reading between the lines comes an understanding of what happens when the processor does the calculations, why some solutions are programmed this way and not that way.

Name: Reading Turing \ The Annotated Turing, A Guided Tour Through Alan Turing’s Historic Paper on Computability and the Turing Machine
Author: Charles Petzold \ Charles Petzold
Year of publication: 2014 \ 2008
Number of pages: 440\372
ISBN: 978-5-97060-010-8\978-0-470-22905-7

Charles Petzold, a fairly famous person, wrote books for WinApi and c#and also wrote his popular science bestseller “Code. Code, The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software” recommended to all beginners who want to understand how a computer works, machine code and assembler language. But all this was in the 90s, and almost 10 years later, the author wrote another fundamental work, this time based on the work of Alan Turing, “On Computable Numbers as Applied to the Entscheidungsproblem”, now it is called Turing machine. Throughout the book, the author dissects, explains, and comments on how Turing thought, what mathematical knowledge was needed, what problems Turing faced, and what he wanted to prove. It is noteworthy that the complete original work of Turing is contained in the book, to read it one simply needs to ignore Petzold’s text. Having studied the content from the beginning to the end, you can make significant progress in mathematics, and who knows, you may be able to solve intractable problems.

Name: Golden ticket. P, NP and the limits of the possible \ The Golden Ticket, P, Np, and the Search for the Impossible
Author: Lance Fortnow \ Lance Fortnow
Year of publication: 2016 \ 2013
Number of pages: 218\192
ISBN: 978-5-00101-424-9 \ 978-0-691-15649-1

The book is about one of the seven Millennium Problems, identified by the Clay Mathematical Institute in 2000 as “important classical problems whose solution has not been found for many years”, each of which promises a reward of 1 million US dollars. But take your time, “The equality of classes P and NP” is relevant not only to abstract mathematics, but also directly to computer computation. Although there is one task globally, it affects many sub-tasks, including the famous problem of the Traveling Salesman, the problem of Click and many other tasks. Only approximate solution algorithms were invented for such tasks. This is a detailed work on the topic “Equality of classes P and NP”, without complex mathematical proofs and formulas.

Name: From Mathematics to Generic Programming \ From Mathematics to Generic Programming
Authors: Alexander Stepanov, Daniel E. Rose \ Alexander A. Stepanov, Daniel E. Rose
Year of publication: 2015 \ 2014
Number of pages: 264\320
ISBN: 978-5970603796\978-0321942043

The main author of the book is Stepanov, who is known in the world of programming for having written the first library of generalized algorithms, first for the Ada languages, and then for C++. Unfortunately, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Stepanov’s idea was implemented only in its initial form, and for 20 years each new standard of the C++ language only comes closer to the original idea of ​​generalized programming. The book gradually introduces the reader from the history of mathematics to programming from the point of view of algorithms, to the problems of our day, what tasks programmers and mathematicians face. What a close to ideal C++ pattern should be and why a programmer needs to know the basics of functional programming.

Name: Interesting algorithms Why are we taught the stories of famous heroes?
Author: Martin Erwig \ Martin Erwig
Year of publication: 2019 \ 2017
Number of pages: 352\336
ISBN: 978-5-907144-08-8\978-0-2620-3663-4

How to understand which actions are algorithms and which are not. What can be algorithmized and what cannot. It would seem that answering these questions requires mathematical analysis and programming skills, but the author of the book managed to write it so that it does not contain pseudocode and mathematical formulas. From pathfinding tasks to parsing and tree construction, the books cover very important algorithmic concepts with illustrations and real-life examples.

Name: Ideas That Created the Future, Classic Papers of Computer Science \ Ideas That Created the Future, Classic Papers of Computer Science
Author: Harry R. Lewis Harry Lewis
Year of publication: 2023 \ 2021
Number of pages: 616\520
ISBN: 978-5-93700-208-2\978-0-26204-530-8

A fundamental collection of computer science articles that influenced the history of mathematics and computing, each original article is followed by a brief retrospective review by the author. The book is difficult to understand, because some articles are scientific works of various famous historical figures. But this will not stop a true geek and history lover. This is the best original source of articles. Many articles were translated into Russian for the first time.

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