Books on Swift and iOS development for beginners and professionals

Books on Swift and iOS development for beginners and professionals

iOS development does not lose its relevance, and the number of programmers creating applications for iOS does not decrease. You can buy some good books in Russia to help beginners get more theory and practice, and professionals to improve their skills. A selection of books is under execution.

Swift. Basics of app development for iOS, iPadOS and macOS

Author: Vasyl Usov

This is the fifth edition of the book. The author said that he listened to the opinions of his readers and supplemented the book in accordance with the received suggestions. Yes, the book now contains not only basic information about development for iOS, but also additional aspects of creating applications. In addition, the edition is adapted to the functions and capabilities of Swift 5.

For professionals, the publication is unlikely to be suitable, but novice specialists can get a large amount of information necessary to get started. By the way, theoretical information is interspersed with practical examples, and the code is also published. At the end of each chapter there are tests and homework that allow you to consolidate the material you have learned.

Swift for kids. A tutorial on creating apps for iOS

The authors: Gloria Winquist, Matt McCarthy.

No, this book is not just for children. Despite the title and the illustration on the cover, the publication is suitable for learning iOS development and for adults. In general, for everyone who wants to learn programming from scratch or create an application for iPhone or iPad.

According to the instructions in the book, having familiarized yourself with the basics at the beginning, you can develop two programs – an animated game and reminders about the birthdays of friends and acquaintances. The base given in the book is enough to start understanding the development of applications and create something of your own, an independent project, even if it is simple.

Swift Apprentice: Fundamentals (First Edition): Beginning Programming in Swift

The authors: Ehab Yosri Amer, Alexis Gallagher, Matt Galloway, Eli Genim

Representatives of the Kodeco company have written a practical guide for novice developers who plan to professionally create applications for iOS. The manual has space for both theory and practice.

In particular, the authors will teach the reader to create not very complicated programs, and they also talk about the nuances of working with the AppStore application catalog. The presentation of the material is built according to the principle “from simple to complex”.

In particular, the authors talk about the Swift type system and how to use it better for development. The book is optimized for Swift 5.7.

Swift in detail

Author: Caird Int Wayne

And this book is intended for more experienced specialists. In particular, the author talks about how to develop software for Apple platforms such as iOS and Mac, as well as on a Linux server. It’s also a hands-on guide, with plenty of examples, code snippets, and self-paced exercises.

The book helps the reader learn techniques such as generalization, error handling, protocol-oriented programming, and modern Swift patterns. In addition, the author generously shares his own experience, including important techniques he learned while working with Swift.

Head First. Learning Swift

The authors: John Manning, Paris Buttfield-Addison.

Continuation of the popular series of publications Head First. This is a good guide to building programs in Swift, starting with the basics. In addition, the book teaches how to manage data, work with databases, create user data types, structure programs and create interfaces using SwiftUI. Here are some of the topics covered in the book:

  • Collections and management. Obsessed with data

  • Swift Collection Types

  • How many elements are in the array? And does it have elements?

  • Storing values ​​in multiples

  • Storing values ​​in the dictionary

  • Management teams

The author covers how to develop mobile and web applications, games, frameworks, command-line tools, and more in an accessible way. He accompanies his explanations and expositions with a large number of illustrations and examples.

Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide 3rd Edition

Author: Mikey Ward.

Another English-language book built in the form of a textbook. The author talks in great detail about the topics he touches on in his book. The material is carefully structured, there are a large number of explanations, practical examples and illustrations. In addition, Ward shares his personal vision of the current evolution of iOS development.

The book is not suitable for beginners, it is intended for developers with experience, even if not very extensive.

Swift Cookbook: Over 60 completed recipes for developing better iOS applications with Swift 5.3

Author: Keith Moon.

And this is already an edition for experienced developers who want to quickly familiarize themselves with the capabilities of Swift 5.3. The author also shares sound advice on developing and creating applications for iOS. In order to understand the book, it is necessary to know general development concepts and have experience with Switft.

By the way, there is also a small part devoted to the basics, probably so that the reader can refresh his memory on some points. The rest are of medium and professional level. At the same time, the book contains many examples that can be used for real work.

Actually, that’s all. But if you have your own Swift books that you find useful for a developer, please share them in the comments.

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