Board games / Hebrew

Board games / Hebrew

This story began a long time ago, back in “prehistoric” times. At that time, I thought that the whole board world consisted of Monopoly, Munchkin, Elias and Uno. For me, the board game was an addition to the party, but not the reason for the meeting. This hobby caused me a storm of emotions and misunderstanding.

– How much did you play? FIVE HOURS?!

– How much does this game cost? So much for cardboard?

And I didn’t understand why do adults play, because games are for children. That’s how I lived, looking in amazement at the table-toppers I knew.

And then covid and self-isolation in the family circle happened. Once, when we were once again inventing activities for the evening, my sister suggested:

– Let’s play?
– Oh, I don’t understand your words – I tried to get out.
– It is simple, you will like it.
– Well, let’s try it, – I agreed with skepticism.

According to the laws of the genre, the first pancake turned out to be a lump. I was scared of rules that you can’t explain in 2 minutes; I got lost in a pile of some cards and figurines. Having somehow played 3 different games, I decided to stop trying to get to know the world of board games.

As time passed, my friends understood my position, but continued to try to involve me in this hobby and periodically suggested that I try to play a new game. They calmly chewed the rules for me, answered all stupid and not so good questions, helped me during the game. Sometimes I won, more often I lost, but, despite this, I agreed to play again and again. And imperceptibly I got involved! Now, before every meeting with friends, I wondered: “What are we going to play today?”.

However, at every meeting with friends, when my interest in board games was hinted at, I replied with indignation: No! I don’t like your folding tables!”. The denial stage lasted a year. Then came the acceptance and… 4 boxes of board games under the tree!

Now I can easily distinguish Eurogame from Amerithrash, I know the specifics of 4X-strategy and I even had time to try myself in tabletop role-playing games (RPGs)! I can read the rules and explain them clearly. I put my husband on the table, and now we regularly gather a couple of times a month with friends at our house and immerse ourselves in the unexplored worlds of board games. But what about my husband, I now have a table dog.

My main discovery was that board games are not just for kids.

Each game is a small journey into a new world where you can become almost anyone. You can:

  • master Mars, trying to outrun rivals

  • create a bird park and populate it with the most diverse inhabitants

  • bet on a camel in a race and hope that it will not be knocked off the route by wild relatives

  • unravel the mystery of the cultists and escape from the ancient god

  • try on the role of Sherlock Holmes

  • build your village or set up the power grid in Bavaria

  • defend your island from colonizers

  • and much more

At the moment, my personal collection has more than 50 boxes. And the number of games I played exceeded a hundred long ago.

To paraphrase a quote from a popular movie:

We had 2 installments of Mansions of Madness, 75 expansions for Train Ticket, 5 boxes of miniatures for Conquest of Mars, the as-yet-unopened Carcassonne, and lots of patigames of all sorts and colors, as well as mini-detectives, Uno “, “Star Empires”, box “Explosive kittens” and “Ekivoka”. Not that this is a necessary supply for a weekend in the country. But if you start playing board games, it becomes difficult to stop. The only thing that caused me fear was FEOD. There is nothing more helpless, irresponsible and corrupt than feudal parties. I knew that sooner or later we would move on to this game.

Now I am no longer intimidated by board game stores with their variety of colored boxes. I am happy to share my knowledge about this hobby and I am very happy when people like the game I recommended.

So where do you start if you’ve never played board games before but want to try? Now let’s figure it out! My top for starting a tabletop hobby.

#1 – Code names

For whom: for a company that wants to flex their brains in a fun and relaxed way

How to play: divide into two teams (red and blue), choose a captain. In front of you will be a 5×5 field of word cards. Cards on the field can be red, blue or neutral. The task of the captain is to help the team open cards of their color.

It is interesting to play as a captain, when you try to combine as many words as possible into one association, and as a participant, when you have to understand the logic of the captain and come to the same decision with the whole team.

#2 – Cascadia

For whom: For lovers of a relaxing holiday, families with children and the older generation (up to 4 people)

How to play: You build your sanctuary and populate it with animals On your turn, you take a habitat and an animal and place them in your play area. In this, it is important to take into account the goal cards of the game: the length of the salmon shoal, the fox’s surroundings, the shape of the group of deer, etc. It is equally important to build large continuous areas, be it mountains or rivers. They give a lot of victory points.

Easy to learn game with quick games of 30-40 minutes. Nature lovers will like the pleasant design and theme with animals. Despite its simplicity, the game forces you to rack your brains to build the maximum number of goals per game.

#3 – Citadels

For whom: for a company of up to 8 people who are tired of the usual mafia

How to play: The game consists of rounds, during which you build your city, trying on different roles. Each round is divided into 2 phases: the role selection phase and the construction phase. The game ends when one of the players completes the city. However, the winner is the richest player, even if his city is incomplete.

It’s a mafia-like game in which it’s every man for himself, and you can’t forget about building a city! I like to predict opponents’ moves and the roles they will choose. And how nice it is when you sacrifice the right role and choose an unnecessary one, leading the opponent to a dead end! Intrigues and manipulations!

#4 – Mansions of Madness

For whom: for brave detectives ready to face the unknown face to face (up to 5 people)

How to play: You take the box with the game, run the program, which will tell you how to lay out the map, where to place the monsters and what is generally happening in this mysterious place. Ah-no! It’s your goal to figure out what’s going on. You will move around the map, communicate with characters, fight monsters and try to survive.

A wonderful union of an authentic board game with modern technologies. Those who find the boards to be boring cardboard will like it very much. And, of course, the game likes to tickle your nerves and test how resilient you are.

Love for board games manifests itself in different ways. This and parties with friends until the 3rd night, when you desperately try to save the world from an ancient evil. And participation in orders for speed, because the circulation is small, and the game is cool. And there are heated disputes over the rules, the search for consensus, incredible moves that change the outcome of the entire party.

Games are fun!

Your business analyst tabletop lover 😊

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