Blood, sweat and football manager

Blood, sweat and football manager

Hello everybody!

I want to talk about one game, or rather not only the game, but also the passion and, as a result, the idea that gave birth to this game.

The story began during the pandemic, when office workers were gradually transferred to remote work. Someone earlier, someone later, but they were translated.

I was among such remote users. In life, after that, free time was immediately freed up, which I used to spend on the way to work and back. Sometimes the distance was three or four days a week, and especially during bad times – all five. This seemed to me very unusual and strange at first; a new level of self-organization and responsibility had to be achieved: the work did not do itself, but the degree of control over its execution decreased for a while. But they asked for the result, as before, regularly and strictly!

Thoughts about creativity and self-realization, forgotten in the office routine, began to appear in my head. Simply put, I wanted to do something that I had not thought about for a long time due to lack of time. In a sense, I even felt like a person again, and it’s not because I don’t like my job, no, it’s just that, as is the case with many, I was tired of it by then.

By the way, the story also has a backstory that began long before that (I will try to be short so that this article does not become like an autobiography, because its main purpose, as already mentioned, is to bring you information about a certain game).

In general, when I was still a teenager, I became interested in football. And before this happened, I was just as passionate about video games as I was about football, and maybe even more, if not fanatically.

With these interests in mind, I began to invent various football game managers. So far only on paper. I cut out football players, or rather what symbolized them, wrote down the characteristics they had on the cut-out pieces of paper and played a football manager with my brother step by step. The game mechanism was based on randomness, which was played using a regular dice. As a rule, the number that fell on the dice was the number of goals scored, which was adjusted for the data of the players: if the team is good, it was more difficult to beat it. This is, in short, about that version of the football manager. And now I think we can move on to the present day.

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If we consider the beginning of the development of the game to write the algorithm for drawing the schedule of football matches and other such frills, which at that time are not part of the current football manager, it turns out that I worked on the development for about two years. This is if you have a main job and a family.

As with almost any game in development, there comes a point when it almost drives its developer into a state of despair or even depression. Especially when you start testing it.

And if at first everything was quite optimistic and fun, then, especially when I wrote complex computational algorithms, like those that determine the strength of the team, the development began to wear on my nerves. And this is not even me talking in detail about the endless testing of some or other bugs that constantly surfaced as the game code increased. Either the team did not get promoted based on the results of the face-to-face matches, then for some reason the next match that was supposed to be the next one was displayed… And all this was handled by one person from the very beginning to the end.

Yes, the game as of this writing lacks, for example, the statistics of the matches that have taken place, and the mechanics of the match itself, so that the player can watch his team play… there are other details that can be improved. But I really gave the development a lot of time and did it only on my enthusiasm.

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By the way, in order to master analytics and the skills to apply them in practice, I went to receive professional retraining. Now I have a diploma on professional retraining from one of the state universities of the country and I am an analyst. Although this process took my time, it taught me to look at the workers and any other tasks from a different professional angle. In general, it was not easy, but useful.

In general, months or even years have passed since I searched the Internet for the answer to the question “Is it possible to make a game alone?”. Now I know that it is possible, but it will not be a AAA class game and you will definitely spend a lot of time and effort. Whether it is necessary is up to you. Personally, I had moments when I wanted to give up, but now I feel a pleasant feeling of completion of what I had previously planned.

I would like to end the article with a quote from a book that describes the processes of creating video games from the inside in quite detailed and interesting way. If you want to delve into the real stories behind the development of some of the greatest games in history, then read this book at your leisure.

Is it possible to make great games without such sacrifices? Is it possible to make a game without staying up all night on it? Will there ever be a reliable development recipe that will allow you to plan everything more accurately?

For many people, the answers are simple: no, no and hardly.

“Blood, sweat and pixels” (Jason Schreyer)

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