Beeper is launching an updated beta version of its Android app with new features, but no iMessage

Beeper is launching an updated beta version of its Android app with new features, but no iMessage

The developers of Beeper, a program for communicating in iMessage, WhatsApp and 13 other services, announced the release of a new version of the program. It is reported that it has been completely rewritten and made faster, clearer and more beautiful. The updated service offers many functions in addition to the iMessage iOS messenger.

The first-generation application was created as a branch of the open-source Matrix client (Element Android), the developers remind. This made it possible to launch the application quickly, but it turned out to be difficult to optimize and refine.

“The design of our first app was clunky and didn’t fit perfectly with Android. We knew we had a lot to fix. We tried to refactor in the application as much as possible, but later realized that our architectural design goals were fundamentally different from those of other Matrix customers. Last year, we made the difficult decision to begin a complete redesign of our entire Android app,” Beeper said in a blog post.

The architecture of the service was redesigned from the ground up to ensure speed and performance. The developers have replaced the old Matrix Android library with mautrix-go, an open source Go library. The rest of the Android app is written in Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.

The new app reportedly doesn’t support iMessage, unlike the Beeper Mini. In the list of new functions:

  • chats are cached locally on the device;

  • search messages on all connected platforms;

  • the ability to connect new chats from the mobile application;

  • new themes: Black OLED and Material You;

  • support for a two-panel screen on tablets and complex devices;

  • QR code to configure access from the desktop application.

Future Features and Improvements:

  • deleting chats;

  • context menu for pinned chats;

  • viewing the list of those who responded to the message;

  • scheduled shipment.

The developers remind you that the new Beeper is in beta and ask you to report any problems you find.

At the beginning of December 2023, Beeper Mini was released, which allows Android users to send messages to iMessage. However, Apple has started to block Apple ID bypassing. Beeper has restored the application, but users were required to use an Apple ID profile for authorization.

Later, Beeper Mini asked users to generate their iMessage credentials using old iPhones by jailbreaking.

In January, Beeper Mini users who used their devices to register the program on Apple’s iMessage network found their Macs locked out of the network.

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