This story is inspired by a recent interview with one office, which believes that yellow and red offices are not so blue. All random matches are non-random, names are hidden. No random beaver was harmed during the interview.

Beaver-HRober: I saw you gnawing a tree in the nearby forest, don’t you want to move in with us? Our trees are blue and thicker than yours, green trees are not in fashion these days.
Beaver-pogromist: hmm, probably not, the thickness of the current trees is fine with me.

Beaver-HRober: well, you still come, we have set up a couple of areas where the most experienced beavers will saw a very old monolithic pine with branches 98 cm long, into the very fashionable 23 cm long boards, and you will also have the opportunity to influence the thickness of the 26 cm long boards .
Beaver-pogromist: but this is interesting, send the nightingale

In a week, on a comfortable lawn somewhere in the blue forest.

Senior Beaver: So you consider yourself a good beaver?
Beaver-pogromist: Everything is correct. I have been cutting wood of various thicknesses for twenty years.

Lead-Beaver: And what length of branches do you prefer?
Beaver-pogromist: Branches of 17 cm are the tastiest.

The beavers are leaving, the beavers are on their way!

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