Bard everything. Google’s artificial intelligence now has a new name – Gemini

Bard everything. Google’s artificial intelligence now has a new name – Gemini

Google announced that it is renaming its Bard chatbot to Gemini, releasing a dedicated Gemini app for Android, and even integrating all Duet AI features into Google Workspace under the Gemini brand.

Also announced was the release of publicly available Gemini Ultra 1.0, the biggest and most powerful version of Google’s big language model, The Verge reports.

If you download a new mobile app on Android, it can make Gemini your default assistant. That is, it will replace Google Assistant as the thing that responds when you say “Hey Google” or long press the home button.

It doesn’t look like Google is getting rid of Assistant completely just yet, but the company has been deprioritizing Assistant for some time now and clearly believes that Gemini is the future.

“I think this is an extremely important first step towards creating a real assistant with artificial intelligence. He is conversational, multimodal. It’s more useful than ever before.” says Sissy Xiao, who runs Bard (now Gemini) at Google.

There’s no dedicated Gemini app for iOS yet, so Apple owners won’t be able to install a non-Siri AI assistant as default. But they will be able to access all the AI ​​features in the Google app.

There will be a switch at the top of the app that will allow users to switch from Search to Gemini. Throughout Google’s existence, Search has been the most important product. This confirms the thesis of how important Gemini is to Google.

By the way, Google’s AI in Search is still called Search Generative Experience for now, but you can bet that it will eventually become Gemini as well.

Other changes to Gemini are mostly about branding. Google is dropping the Bard name, but their chatbot won’t change much in terms of parameters.

The same goes for all the AI ​​features in Google Workspace apps like Gmail and Docs, which used to be called Duet AI but are now also known as Gemini. These are features that help you write an email, organize a spreadsheet, and do other work tasks.

Most users will still use the standard version of the Gemini model known as Gemini Pro.

To use the Gemini Ultra, the most powerful version of the model, customers will need to subscribe to Gemini Advanced, which is part of the new $20 per month Google One AI Premium plan.

The subscription also includes 2 TB of storage on Google Drive and all the other features of the Google One subscription, so the company considers the price listed as a monthly increase of $10 for these users.

For all other customers, Gemini will cost the same as ChatGPT Plus and other similar products – $20 per month for a premium AI bot.

The Ultra model can contain more context and have longer conversations

For that $20 a month, Sissy Xiao says, Gemini Ultra sets the state of the art in a wide range of text, image, audio and video benchmarks.

The Ultra model can contain more context and have longer conversations. It’s designed to be better at complex things like coding and reasoning.

It’s not surprising that Google is betting so heavily on Gemini, but it raises the stakes for the company’s ability to compete with OpenAI, Anthropic, Perplexity and a growing number of other strong AI competitors in the market.

In validation tests just after Gemini launched last year, the Gemini-based Bard performed very well (almost on par with GPT-4), but was significantly slower. Now Google has to prove that it can keep up with the industry and convince developers to work on Gemini and not on OpenAI.

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