Bambu Lab recalls all A1 3D printers (except A1 Mini) due to improperly designed electrical cable element

Bambu Lab recalls all A1 3D printers (except A1 Mini) due to improperly designed electrical cable element

Bambu Lab is officially recalling all A1 3D printers (except the A1 Mini) due to an improperly designed element of the electrical cable going to the table heater. The issue does not affect the company’s other products, including the X1 and P1 series printers.

Bambu Lab “strongly” urges owners of jd A1 3D printers to stop using them for safety reasons. Experts have found that these printers can experience an abnormal situation with “unstable temperature readings” of the heating table, which are directly related to a faulty cable.

The manufacturer’s investigation revealed that “less than 0.1% of all A1 printers sold” are affected by this problem, but Bambu Lab has decided to honor the recall anyway and provide a full refund to any A1 owner who wants one. Bambu Lab also offers an additional $80 voucher towards the purchase of another printer or a $120 voucher to customers who choose to replace the faulty cable themselves with free replacement parts.

Bambu Lab experts found that the design of the electrical cable can lead to twisting and possible short circuits. It turned out that the company had incorrectly designed the cable tension compensator for table heating. The thicker part of the cable braid, designed to prevent twisting at the connection point, after some time begins to be damaged by external factors or simply by bending the cable, which can lead to a short circuit.

On their blog, Bambu Lab posted some photos to help understand the cable problem.

This is what a normal working cable will look like.

This is a picture of a damaged cable.

Bambu Lab also published instructions on how to replace the cable and showed in a video the main points of disassembling the parts of the printer to properly replace the problematic cable.

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