AVIF and AV1 support, a virtual tree in Wallet and more

AVIF and AV1 support, a virtual tree in Wallet and more

Microsoft has released a new version of the Edge 121 browser with support for AVIF and AV1 file formats, the ability to grow an electronic tree in Wallet, fixes in the field of information security, an update to Edge for business, protection from visiting malicious sites and changes to notifications about available updates.

  • AVIF and AV1 support – Edge now supports AVIF and AV1 file formats.

  • Update to Browser Essentials – Alerts about available Edge updates come from Browser Essentials, not the settings page.

  • Virtual tree in Wallet. Users signed in to Edge with a Microsoft Account (MSA) can grow a virtual tree using Wallet. As the company claims, as soon as the virtual tree grows, a real one will be planted.

  • Protection against websites with wrong names — The system warns users if the domain name of a popular site contains a “typographical error.” Thus, users are protected from visiting malicious sites.

  • Organizational branding in Edge for Business. Enterprise customers will be allowed to activate the branding of the organization from Entra in the user interface (for profiles logged in with Entra ID). Customers will have the option to add information about their organization: a name on the profile tab, a name and corporate color in the profile popup, a logo to overlay on the Edge for Business taskbar icon.

  • Security update — the new version of the browser includes fixes for seven issues: CVE-2024-21326, CVE-2024-21388, CVE-2024-21385, CVE-2024-21383, CVE-2024-21382, CVE-2024-2138.

Edge will automatically update the next time you restart the browser. You can optionally force it to update by checking for an update via Help & Feedback – About Microsoft Edge.

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