Automatic SEO promotion – should you use it when? / Hebrew

Automatic SEO promotion – should you use it when? / Hebrew

Once Yandex Q was asked to answer a question about automatic SEO promotion — should it be used and why?

Task No. 1 – promotion of a commercial site

We need to promote the site in order to generate income from it, the method of monetization is not important right now an important goal – income

We need them for promotion resource (this is the budget and the executor), deadlines. For example, your budget for SEO promotion is 50,000 rubles per month and will be driven by the site owner himself, expected term placement in the TOP for three months (provided that the site is more than a year old and there are sites of the same age in the TOP of the subject). Fixed it, let’s go further…

What is automatic SEO promotion?

As the services themselves write automatic SEO promotion is “… fast and reliable a way to promote the site and attract new visitors without SEO knowledge. The service will help to automate the routine tasks of SEO optimizers.» i.e. by pressing a few “buttons” we start automatic SEO promotion.

What is included in the mechanics (service) of automatic promotion itself?

  1. site audit

  2. selection of requests

  3. position tracking

  4. selection of donors (sites) for placing links

To briefly understand what we get and how it happens – the algorithm of the service checks the pages of our site, forms queries based on what it finds and selects similar donor sites from its database to place links on them for promotion.

The algorithm is important here. That is, the promotion of the site is handled by an algorithm (The secret technology of automatic promotion is based on bigdata machine learning) I don’t understand anything here myself, but it’s very interesting and let’s move on.

Next, we will assume that our project in the service is configured and the link purchase mechanism is launched, because nothing else is needed, well, OK, then we will wait for the rocket to the TOP.

Then there is three options development of events, as I see it, if you have an option that is not described here, do not be lazy, leave it in the comments, I am sure it will be valuable for all web and seoshniks.

  1. The most juicy option – the site entered the TOP. Then you can not read, but pour budgets for SEO services for automatic promotion.

  2. The site did not enter the TOP, why? Here the question is not about one hypothesis, about it separately.

  3. The site received a filter from search engines (yes, the services did not warn us about this).

How to check Yandex/Google filters and determine “Link spam/Pessimism”, write and discuss

What to do if a filter has arrived based on links bought by the algorithm of the automatic promotion service? The answer is simple – remove all purchased links. Will this remove the filter and how quickly? Good question, everything is individual, but it is quite possible that after 6 months sanctions will be removed from the site and it will be possible to return to tactical progress again.

How the result of automatic promotion looks visually

Conclusions, automatic promotion may give results, but the risks are also great.

Task No. 2 – promotion of the network of donor sites (PBN)

Such tasks are solved by more experienced SEO specialists, I will write briefly about what it is for and what it is. If you have questions, write and we will discuss.

What is a PBN in SEO?

This is a group (grid) of sites used by optimizers to strengthen the link profile of a promoted site. The grid can have different number of sites and there can be such grids N number. Below is a visual structure of such a profile profile.

Scheme of referral promotion of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd levels of the network of PBN sites

Such schemes are used on the basis of TOP analytics and are created for each site individually, as a rule, each site member of the network already has some link profile and a sharp increase in automatically purchased links will not lead to sanctions.

Should I use automatic SEO promotion for PBN?

The answer to this question is different in each case, everything is individual. You need to make decisions based only on analytics, your experience, and the goal you have.

So, for example, to pump the profile of several sites, you can start automatic promotion, but with mandatory control of all purchased links, this will reduce the time for selecting donors for the network of satellites and pump the profile of the main site.

Conclusion – automatic SEO promotion can be used extremely carefully and only if necessary, for example, you need to quickly check the hypothesis regarding link building for a test site and only then scale it to the main site.

And what do you think about automatic site promotion services? Was there a positive experience from such services, or was it just a drain on the budget? Please write in the comments.

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