Autodesk banned Russian companies from using its software

Autodesk banned Russian companies from using its software

Despite the suspension of work as early as 2022, the company did not prohibit using its services before.

Autodesk, an American developer of computer-aided design (CAD) systems for construction, engineering and industrial design, has banned the use of its software products by Russian companies since March 20. This is stated in a letter that Autodesk sent to its partners in Russia. RBC got acquainted with the document, its authenticity was confirmed by three clients of the American supplier.

“You (customers of Autodesk. – RBC) must not allow any of your Russian authorized subsidiaries or third parties based in Russia or who are Russian legal entities to use our products and services,” Autodesk said in the letter. The company explains its decision by the 12th package of sanctions of the European Union against Russia, which prohibits the sale, supply, transfer, export or provision of a number of services, in particular, software for industrial design.

Autodesk officially announced the suspension of work in Russia in March 2022 against the background of the start of a special operation in Ukraine. According to Rusprofile, in October 2023, Autodesk liquidated the Russian legal entity – Autodesk (SI-I-ES) LLC. Also due to sanctions, but back in 2014, Autodesk limited work with a number of Russian companies.

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