Atomic Heart has a bioreactor, and we have Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart has a bioreactor, and we have Atomic Heart

Today, there will be no technical part and no scientific base that the Bioreactor can produce. Today we will be engaged in self-promotion and raising our NSV to the heavens.

Therefore, those who are not satisfied, please do not go and write an angry comment, because soon we will have a global interview with the main developer of Atomic Neart with questions that have not been on Habra before.

And while he is gone, there is us – the Bioreactor team, which is involved in the development of the Atomic Heart game! Yes, you did not miss it, and even we are in the game itself, or rather in the recent addition to it. It would seem that we are not developers, and not at all cozy people, but some biologists, doctors and paleontologists who accidentally drifted onto Khabr. But we are the ones who give ideas, substantiate lor and supplement it from a scientific point of view. But, it is worth saying that if it weren’t for our friends from the Chemistry – Simple project, we would never have met Robert and Artem – very lively, cool and beautiful people.

Our turnip and reference to Michurin and Vavilov. Will these people appear in the application? Or it was a throw-in – a mystery…

We love the new addition that we’ve been involved in and have been working on together with the developers. It turned out really cool. But our work is only a small part compared to the work of the main developers.

Oh, how much work there was on the lore, gameplay and plot – words cannot convey! Indeed, it is very noticeable. And therefore we express great respect to the developers of Atomic Heart, who worked on the project in the sweat of their brows. The result of these sleepless nights is obvious!

In the photo: biotechnologist Higerovych Lyudmila, neuro-anesthesiologist doctor Ignatenko Mykyta, microbiologist Anastasia Novosadska and biologist, creator of the Bioreactor, Yefimov Samir

In general, what to pull turnips for leaves that you will find in the game, right? Much more interesting is the fact that where there is a turnip, we, the administrators of the Bioreactor, are also there. We will not spoil the plot and lore for you, but where there is a stand with our cute faces in the game, we advise you to delve into the study of the location. Let’s put it this way, lovers of Soviet history and science will appreciate it.

Time code [5:21] Mention Bioreactor and our friends: Chemistry – Simple.

We advise you to play this game, not only because we are there, but because this app plays in one breath. And it ends, oh, the song still gives me goosebumps. What song – you will find out in the game itself.

The game turned out to be very atmospheric, cool and, most importantly, imbued with the national spirit with voice acting in the language familiar to us not removed.

Ps All conversations about the Cyprus studio should be sent to the address of other Cypriot studios that are engaged in the development of games on similar topics and at the same time also represent the homeland of those who develop these games. Such comments will be ignored.

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