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Game designer American McGee has announced that he is leaving the gaming industry and is ending work on the Alice: Asylum project, a sequel to his dark take on the Alice in Wonderland story. McGee had been collaborating with Electronic Arts on the title, but it was confirmed that the company would not finance it or allow it to be transferred to another studio. McGee thanked his team, supporters and partners for their help, and said he was retiring to concentrate on his business and his family.

Asylum, termination of cooperation with EA and departure from the industry / Habr

Game designer American McGee announced the closure of work on the Alice: Asylum project, the termination of cooperation with Electronic Arts. He also decided to leave the game industry.

In 2000 and in 2011, with the support of Electronic Arts, McGee released two parts of the game American McGee’s Alice about the main character of Lewis Carroll’s fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. The plot of the games is based on a dark and cruel version of the story of Alice in the understanding of McGee.

Since 2017, McGee has been working on the third part of the game called Alice: Asylum. He released the “Bible of game design” Alice: Asylum and began to work more closely with the rights holder of the EA franchise on the details of the project.

Industry representatives found out that $50 million is needed for the release of the third part, and EA decided not to allocate funding for the finale of the trilogy and to block the possibility of transferring the license to another studio.

“Regarding the financing of the title, EA ultimately decided to abandon the project based on an internal analysis of the intellectual property, market conditions and the details of my proposal. Regarding the license, they responded that Alice is an important part of EA’s overall catalog. EA has no intention of selling it or transferring the rights to another studio,” McGee explained.

The game designer announced that he is freezing all work on the project, and his team will no longer collect donations on Patreon to support it. All previously published content from this game will remain publicly available. According to McGee, he tried every opportunity to promote the project, but EA’s unequivocal response blocked the way forward.

McGee thanked his fans, partners and team for their support. He admitted that he had no energy and ideas left to continue working on the final game. He will not return in the future for the third part, even if EA orders its production to another studio.

After this explanation, McGee announced the end of his career in the gaming industry. He decided to devote himself to his family and his business.

“When we first got involved in this adventure, we perfectly understood that everything could end in failure. But we wanted to believe in the impossible. We had fun doing all of this until reality invaded our Wonderland.

Many people believe and say that when one door closes, another one will necessarily open. Banal, but it’s true. And I hope this defeat breathes life into your other new adventures and dreams.”

McGee concluded.

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