Assembling Lego. The first sprint

Assembling Lego. The first sprint

Kick-off meeting

The long weekend and being in quarantine (due to the wind) allowed the children to take on a very large-scale project – the construction of their personal castle, which was given to me by my wonderful colleagues when I left MTS. 🥚->👩‍🌾


The first sprint has ended and I would like to make a short summary:

1) The initial assessment of the terms of implementation turned out to be wrong. Completed 1/10th of the planned roadmap and it took almost 2 hours, the plan was to complete everything in about 6 hours.

2) The young developer burned out about halfway through the first sprint, went on to other more interesting projects.

Notes for the future

-Assume risks, take into account current market opportunities (went to play with my sister in blankets and chairs, discussed with our Scrum master, his verdict is “it is much easier to forecast and gives people quick, not delayed value”)

A building made of blankets and chairs

-motivational speeches, that the team was counting on him do not work well, they allowed him to hold for about 2 more minutes -take into account the complexity of the project, you need to invite more experienced employees, the box says 16+, I took 7+ in the team

3) The results of the first sprint are not yet inspiring, there is no beautiful increment, the young developer made a remark after his departure that “nothing has changed…”, although about 30% of the work was still done.

Nothing has changed.

4) There was an opportunity to connect an outsourcing team, but the roadmap (aka assembly instructions) was in a single form, and parallelization was not possible, I think the manufacturer should think about it.

ps As a result, the construction of the castle took about 1 month, the planned time was exceeded ten times. This was my first experience with such a large-scale project, and I did not expect it to be so difficult.

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