ASML and Samsung invest $761 million in the development of new generation chips in South Korea

ASML and Samsung invest $761 million in the development of new generation chips in South Korea

As part of a semiconductor alliance between the Netherlands and South Korea, Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML is teaming up with Samsung to invest $761 million in a new research and development (R&D) facility in South Korea. This is reported by NetworkWorld.

The research center for the development of next-generation UV lithography equipment will be ASML’s first offshore facility of its kind. His work will be aimed at innovation in the field of semiconductors.

The agreement, which will establish ASML’s first offshore R&D facility, was announced during a visit by South Korean President Seok Yong-yoon to ASML’s headquarters in Veldhoven.

He also met with King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and other government officials as part of South Korea’s larger plan for a semiconductor alliance with the Netherlands.

The agreement between ASML and Samsung will create a next-generation semiconductor technology R&D center to jointly develop ultrathin processes based on next-generation extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, a unique equipment for ASML to produce advanced chips.

ASML’s primary product is lithographic platemaking machines, from which the company derives approximately 95% of its revenue.

By establishing an R&D center with Samsung in South Korea, ASML will be able to bring together two of its biggest customers: Samsung and SK Hynix, South Korea’s second-largest chip maker, to help them improve their own products.

The research lab in Korea will allow Samsung engineers and scientists to work closely with hardware supplier ASML and develop processes and recipes for next-generation nodes.

ProIT previously reported that Canon announced the creation of a special lithography system for chips.

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