“Aquarius” filed two lawsuits against the “daughter” of F-plus for a total amount of ₽108 million

“Aquarius” filed two lawsuits against the “daughter” of F-plus for a total amount of ₽108 million

The Aquarius company filed two claims (first, second) with the Moscow Arbitration Court against the MKT company (part of the Fplus holding) for a total of ₽108.1 million. The claims were registered on March 7, 2024. There are no documents in the cases in public access. “Aquarius” said that the lawsuits have an operational nature and are related to “MKT”‘s failure to fulfill its obligations under the supply contracts with “PK Akvarius” and MKT concluded in 2023. In turn, Fplus stated that it would not comment on the progress of the review until its conclusion.

An unnamed source of CNews explained that the lawsuits are related to the supply of low-quality goods. And although after remarks about the supply from “Aquarius”, “MKT” eliminated them, but not completely.

An anonymous source of the publication “Vedomosti” claims that “MKT” supplied “Aquarius” with goods purchased from Highscreen (a trademark of the Russian company “Vobis Computer”). According to him, in 2023 “Aquarius” was experiencing financial difficulties and “Marvel” (a trade brand of F-plus) helped to close the box office gap by acquiring the product from the company Highscreen.

According to the terms of the agreement between the two companies, the goods were to be purchased by “Aquarius” later. However, the product was in the warehouse for a year, and Marvel had to force the partner to buy it. After the purchase, “Aquarius” recognized the product as substandard and is now trying to return the money through the court. Representatives of both companies refused to comment on the connection between the lawsuits and Highscreen products.

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