Apple Vision Pro review and first reviews

Apple Vision Pro review and first reviews

On Friday, Apple released its first VR headset, the Vision Pro. The first Vision Pro reviews have already started appearing on Reddit. Reviews from early users range from disappointment to delight, reports The Verge.

Vision Pro, a “spatial computer” from Apple, significantly redefines how face computers should work.

For example, user imatowell called the field of view and reflection in the lenses themselves “smaller than expected” (the company said this is normal). However, in the comments, he was informed that the poor lighting at home may have affected the quality of the image.

The Vision Pro subreddit has a man who claims to be a former Apple employee and says it’s “the best tech he’s ever tried in his life.”

Other users note the incredible technical capabilities of the headset. For example, if you shout while in the mountains in dive mode, you will hear an echo.

9to5mac also shared its review of Vision Pro.

Journalists visited the Apple Store in New Orleans to become customers #1 and #2 on Apple Vision Pro launch day and attend half-hour demo sessions of Vision Pro currently being offered in stores.

“It was nice to finally experience some things, but my memory of using the Apple Vision Pro is still distant and fuzzy. This is because there were no optical inserts for my particular corrective lens prescription. Long story short, my eyes are misshapen, which affects the focus of light. Without optical inserts it was a bit strange. However, I got to try Apple Vision Pro and it was an interesting 30 minutes.” – writes the journalist of the publication.

Apple has actually created a device that analyzes your glasses and suggests which ZEISS optical inserts to use to demonstrate Vision Pro. ZEISS will also make optical inserts that you can buy with or without the Apple Vision Pro for $150.

“We learned about the hardware, moving and expanding windows, and also went into the Photos program. Flipping through photos and videos is just great. Then I had to select the button to dive into the panoramic photo. That’s when my vision, uh, lack of correctives lenses became a problem. When you press the button, when the lights are flashing, and the lights are not flashing, it felt like you were having an eye test. So without corrective lenses, I simply cannot use the Apple Vision Pro. I also can’t drive, use my MacBook, or cook breakfast without my glasses. Fair enough.” – says the observer.

However, the situation improved later: the reviewer took off the device and waited a few seconds, then put it back on. This time he was in a game-like mode where he tapped while his eyes were focused on the colored circles. Suddenly, he was able to precisely control the demo experience. Somewhat blurry and distant, but it was possible.

“From that moment on, the demonstration was a real joy. I smiled when I saw the rhinos, I readjusted my view center and saw the people around me. And I found that the sound output was actually better than headphones. The AirPods Max are my favorite headphones, but hearing the sound coming from the front instead of the sides without anything touching my ears was fantastic. Also great for music.” – says the observer.

He added that although he felt the effects of straining his right eye for too long without corrective lenses, it was worth it.

“It was really nice to be back in control of visionOS when I was able to calibrate it for my viewing. Even with more time spent with my friend’s Vision Pro, I feel like I’ve only partially experienced the Vision Pro. The headset itself is out of my budget right now. However, I am interested enough to order the ZEISS optical inserts to have a proper Apple Vision Pro experience.” – says the journalist.

Plus, the publication notes, the $200 travel case is gorgeous (“like a NASA-class space-age design”).

“I really want to take my work to Vision Pro in the future! Seriously, try the demo if you can.” – urges the observer.

Previously, ProIT reported how many programs will work with Vision Pro.

Despite the list of apps that come with the Vision Pro at launch, it’s missing Netflix and YouTube. Both services have said they have no plans to create apps optimized for Vision Pro.

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