Apple revealed the rules for the Vision Pro guest mode

Apple revealed the rules for the Vision Pro guest mode

Apple has released a video showing how to set up guest mode for the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The gadget is intended for personal use through individual Light Seal seals.

The manufacturer recommends that guests test the headset with the Solo Knit and Dual Loop Bands, but use their own Light Seals, which cost $200 a set.

Apple indicates that the Vision Pro owner can set a password to restrict access to applications. Guests will be able to use the headset from the Guest User section.

To do this, you need to open Control Center > Guest User > Allowed Apps > Open Apps Only > All Apps & Data. In this mode, all programs will be available to the guest without restrictions. After confirming the settings, the user has five minutes to hand the Vision Pro to the guest. If the time runs out, guest mode will be disabled and the device will be locked.

By activating the View Mirroring function in the settings, the owner will be able to see what the guest sees in Vision Pro. For this you will need another Apple gadget. Next, the headset will perform a calibration procedure, setting up hand and eye readings.

To end a guest session, simply remove Vision Pro. In the next session, the device will return to the owner’s personal settings.

In Vision Pro guest mode, you can set restrictions on the launch of certain programs. Guests will not have access to the owner’s Apple ID, Persona, Wallet, and Apple Pay.

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