Apple promised to simplify the transfer of data from iPhone to Android devices to the EU by autumn 2025

Apple promised to simplify the transfer of data from iPhone to Android devices to the EU by autumn 2025

Apple intends to simplify the transition from iPhone to Android devices in accordance with the requirements of the EU Digital Markets Act, which has already entered into force. The company promises to implement a more convenient data transfer by the fall of next year.

The manufacturer outlined its plan to comply with the new EU law in a document. The new provision aims to increase competition in the app ecosystem and requires Apple to loosen its control over the App Store and iOS.

Meanwhile, the Cupertino-based corporation sidestepped the law’s potential financial impact on its business by introducing new fees for developers who want to take advantage of the EU rules. Apple’s move caused a negative reaction from a number of companies, which called the corporation’s conditions extortion and sent complaints to the European Commission. We are talking about Epic Games, Spotify, Proton, 37signals and other developers.

An update to Apple’s Data & Privacy site will allow users to export data from the App Store to authorized third parties. Now users can request the transfer of their photos from iCloud to Google Photos or download various data collected by Apple applications: “Notes”, “Calendar”, “Contacts”, “Maps”, “Mail” and others.

Apple notes that users have the option to schedule daily downloads from the App Store for 30 days or weekly downloads for 180 days.

Apple’s move should help other operating system vendors create more efficient solutions for transferring data from an iPhone to a third-party smartphone. The corporation does not use the name Android in the document, but Google’s mobile OS will benefit the most from the innovation.

In late 2024 or early 2025, Apple will also introduce a tool to export browser data to a new browser on the same device.

Currently, Android users can use an iOS app – Switch to Android – to transfer important data including contacts, calendars, photos, videos, messages and more. However, some less important data still cannot be exported.

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