Apple Pro Weekly News (31.07 – 06.08.23)

Apple Pro Weekly News (31.07 – 06.08.23)

Apple shared a financial report, and Tim Cook talked about the company’s work on generative AI, the first officially restored AirPods went on sale, the possible date of the iPhone 15 presentation became known, and the Chinese leaked covers for new products. These and other news, rumors and announcements are in the latest issue of Apple Pro Weekly News!

iOS 17 beta 4 re-released, second public beta released and 16.5.1 signature discontinued

As of August 1st, the company has stopped signing for installs and rollbacks. iOS and iPadOS 16.5.1, currently the current version is 16.6, and beta versions 17 of the system.

At the same time, in the first days of August, new beta versions of systems became available, which the company again (for the second time) re-released outside of the plan. Apple re-released the build for some systems to developers due to the fact that a number of users expressed dissatisfaction with the functionality of the build, on macOS even complained that the computer could not start after installing the beta build, and on the iPad some AirDrop crashed.

iOS 17 beta 4 (21A5291j)

• iPadOS 17 beta 4 (21A5291j)

• macOS 14 beta 4 (23A5301h)

A second public beta version has also become available – the builds are identical to those for developers.

The updated builds are simply installed on top of the existing ones, the public test and developer builds are identical

What’s new in rereleased beta 4?

Basically, all problems and errors were fixed, as well as AirDrop data transmission functions were fixed, in the code (as well as in the social networks of one bank) a mention of the launch of Pay in Chile was noticed, and a new Team (shortcuts) was noticed.: Updated set of shortcuts to launch certain camera modes directly from some widgets.

Updated camera shortcut in iOS 17 beta 4

Apple reported for the third fiscal quarter. Tim Cook talked about work on generative AI

On August 4, Apple traditionally shared the report for the third fiscal quarter. The company’s revenue for Q3 2023 was $81.8 billion (-1% vs. Q3 2022), net profit was $19.88 billion (+2%).

Detailed statistics of Apple’s income by category:

• iPhone: $39.7 billion (-2.4%)

• Services and services: $21.2 billion (+8.2%)

• Wearable devices/Smart Home: $8.3 billion (+2.5%)

• Mac: $6.8 billion (-7.3%)

• iPad: $5.8 billion (-20%)

Apple’s quarterly revenue statistics by category

Record growth of services and services – due to the achievement of more than 1 billion active paid subscriptions. This is a really powerful result that few people even believe. For example, according to our Telegram survey alone, at least 28% subscribed to at least one service from Apple, a little less – to several, and about a quarter even subscribed to the One combo subscription. There are, of course, those who are not subscribed to apple services, about 20% of them. As a result, even the intermediate results indicate that most of the subscribers we surveyed are indeed subscribed to Apple services and each chooses differently how many services or packages to deposit a coin for use, and from this we can conclude that such huge results are claimed Apple (even with the complexity of registration in some regions, even with the unavailability of some content units) – real and their quality outweighs some inconveniences for many.

Quarterly profit per share was $1.26 (+5%). Apple’s board of directors declared a cash dividend of $0.24/share, payable on August 17, 2023 to active shareholders as of August 14.

Tim Cook spoke after the results of the report:

Tim Cook

CEO of Apple

“We’re excited to announce that we had an all-time service revenue record this quarter, driven by more than 1 billion paid subscriptions!

We saw continued growth in emerging markets thanks to robust iPhone sales. This quarter also set a record for users switching from Android to iPhone in these emerging markets. And the strongest segment for the quarter in terms of revenues is again China, the profit grew by 8%.

And while iPad and Mac numbers have declined, our already active products continue to help in a variety of areas, from education to the environment.

We continue to advance our values ​​by championing innovations that enrich our customers’ lives and make the world a better place. Apple is the most economical company in the field of high technology, due to the high amount of recycled materials and our contribution to reducing the carbon footprint.

We are now devoting more resources than ever to generative AI research. Over the years, we have conducted research on a wide range of artificial intelligence technologies, and we intend to continue to invest, innovate and advance our products using new technologies to help enrich people’s lives. Just as we’ve been preparing Vision Pro for years, which is starting its journey into the world of content now, with the deployment of developer kits.

Obviously, we invest a lot and it shows in the costs. Apple has a very disciplined approach to spending.

According to what has been said, the company is really working on generative artificial intelligence, which means that the rumors about working on its own GPT are real, we will wait for the first results, it should be ready by 2024.

Apple released refurbished AirPods for the first time

For the first time, the company released officially in-house refurbished AirPods of the 3rd generation. Previously, this did not happen with headphones, simply because they were recognized as unrepairable.

On sale, refurbished Apple AirPods 3 headphones are available in two versions and at a discount of $30.

So far, only in the American online store of Apple have become available for purchase the refurbished AirPods of the 3rd generation, with both versions: with a simple charging case and a version with a MagSafe supporting case. A discount of such headphones minus $30 from the usual price.

This model has most likely undergone cleaning and replacement of all necessary components, as well as an additional factory pre-sale quality check and special packaging in the style of the company’s refurbished devices, and is also covered by Apple’s one-year warranty when sold. Everything seems to be just AirPods 3 with a discount of 3000₽ (at the time of writing), it’s a pity that this version is unlikely to reach us, their number is limited.

The winners of the award for the best photos taken on an iPhone have been announced

The winners of the annual commercial iPhone Photography Awards 2023 have been announced – it is held by a special portal IPPAWARDS since 2018, participation in the award is paid, but there are a lot of applications every year. As well as nominations (this year – 14), but they all have one thing in common – the photo must be taken exclusively on an iPhone. Third-party applications are allowed, even a previously published photo on social networks, but it was taken on an iPhone. And, judging by the results, not even necessarily the newest one.

You can read the works of all the winners in various nominations at the link, there are more than 40 of them!

The best photos according to IPPAWARDS 2023 are here:

Grand Prix: Heroe – Ivan Silva, Mexico, iPhone 12 Pro

1st place: “Soy Sauce Village” – Teja Mihu, Germany, iPhone 12 Pro Max

2nd place: “Taming the Waves” – Sasha Borozan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, iPhone 13 Pro

3rd place: Morning in Tucson – Derek Hager, USA, iPhone X

Rumors: the date of the presentation of the iPhone 15, how much memory the new items will have and when the new AirTag, Mac on M3 and iPad mini 7 are expected

The first rumor today comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that Apple suppliers will begin mass production of the 2nd generation AirTag in Q4 2024. Search tags are expected to get the new U2 chip and integration with the Vision Pro headset.

The U2 chip joke

But the Chinese analyst has more modest information about the iPad mini: the new 7th generation tablet will receive a minor update at the end of this year. The tablet will (probably) be presented simply by a press release on Apple’s website and will receive a new A16 or even A17 chip, improved cameras and wireless connection characteristics.

iPad mini 7 is expected already this year, but only the processor, cameras and sensors are new

When is the presentation of the new iPhone? According to the latest rumors – a release iPhone 15 could happen on Wednesday, September 13. On sale, most likely, if the presentation date does not change, will arrive on Friday, September 22.

In all history, no iPhone has been presented on this date

The other day, several reliable and interesting rumors appeared about the iPhone 15 Pro filling, in particular, speculations about the thickness of the new frame continue. Designer Jan Zelbo with 9to5Mac made a concept of iPhone 15 Pro screens with thin frames (according to rumors – 1.5 mm) and a comparison with past models:

The thickness of the iPhone 15 Pro frames will be only 1.5 mm – this is the smallest indicator on the market (if, of course, the Chinese do not have time to overtake before September) (© 9to5Mac)

Another rumor, about a third button on the end of the iPhone 15 instead of the silent mode lever, also found indirect confirmation from Chinese case manufacturers.

Copies of covers for the new iPhone 15 series have already begun to be stamped there. However, in addition to the usual versions, there is also an option for some “iPhone 15 Ultra”. That is, according to the source of the photo, the case manufacturers themselves do not know what one of the iPhone 15 models will be called – either Pro Max or Ultra. On the covers of these models there is a third button, which should replace the old mute lever.

Of course, this is non-original packaging and covers, and a Chinese copy, but it is also an interesting find (© Majin Bu)

The third button is installed in place of the silent mode switch (© Majin Bu)

Another batch of covers from the Chinese, including the manufacturer Benks (not the first time covers merge the exact versions for the presentation) – all of them also have a third button instead of a silent mode switch lever:

iPhone 15 Pro cases by Banks, also with the same button (© Majin Bu)

And even these types of silicone covers for iPhone 15 Pro also have such a button (© Majin Bu)

By the way, the Pro-line of the iPhone this year will receive an even larger maximum amount of memory – 2TB! 🤯 As a result, having lost the starting 128GB, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be presented in 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB variants, and of course, the price will rise because of that, and not just because everything is due to an increase in the memory step .

Other rumors from Mark Gurman: the code numbers of the new Macs with M3 series chips are already known – some of them are expected in October (if the plans do not change like last year), the other part – in the winter/spring.

The code numbers of the new Macs on M3 chips, which will be made according to the 3nm process

An interesting Apple patent surfaced the other day: on the possibility of interpreting jaw movements in a special mode without pronouncing sounds:

Siri, read lips! (© Patently Apple)

That is, to confirm commands – Siri will activate input recognition using the motion sensor, when the user moves the mouth, the user’s face, head and neck also move and vibrate slightly.

Sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes can detect these movements while consuming relatively little energy and still receive data without the involvement of a microphone.

Apple announces a new challenge for WATCH owners in China

WATCH owners can earn China Health Day rewards and animated stickers for iMessage on August 8 by completing any workout of 20 minutes or more.

The China Health Day reward will be available for Apple Watch owners on August 8

The award is available only in China and to display it, you need to change the region to mainland China, at least on the watch. After receiving it, it will remain in the collection when the region is reversed.

We will remind you about the challenge on our social networks, don’t miss it:

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