Apple Pro Weekly News (24.07 – 30.07.23)

Apple Pro Weekly News (24.07 – 30.07.23)

What’s new in iOS 17 beta 4, what color the new Apple Watch Ultra is expected to be, which banking apps are back in the App Store and when Death Stranding is coming to Mac, plus details on Apple Vision Pro, news rumors and more. The new edition of the digest for the week is here, let’s get to the news!

iOS 17 beta 4 and visionOS 1.0 beta 2 are out for developers

Last week, new beta versions of systems became available for developers. According to those who installed them, the stability was not particularly increased, even more so – the build for macOS Sonoma beta 4 was not installed evenly for everyone and the computer simply reboots endlessly. Otherwise, there are innovations, but the builds have not yet been released into the public test (and it looks like it will happen this week). The following developer builds are currently available:

• iOS 17.0 Beta 4 (21A5291h)

• iPadOS 17.0 Beta 4 (21A5291h)

• watchOS 10.0 Beta 4 (21R5320i)

• tvOS 17.0 Beta 4 (21J5318f)

• HomePod OS 17.0 Beta 4 (21J5318f)

MacOS Sonoma 14.0 Beta 4 (23A5301g)

• Studio Display 17.0 Beta 4 (21A5291h)

• visionOS 1.0 beta 2 (21N5207f)

Beta versions are still available to developers, they have not yet been released for public testing, although their builds are identical.

What’s new in iOS 17 beta 4?

Apple has upgraded wallpaper editing – now the system is even better at recognizing portrait photos and better separating and replacing the background. Added new design options: gradient background, smooth background, smooth monochrome background, overprint, studio and color background.

New photo design options with a depth effect on the lock screen in iOS 17

In the Messages application for iMessage, there has been a redesign of the interface icons for sending attachments:

The icons of the drop-down menu in Notifications have changed, this is the third time this has happened with a specific menu item!

Standby (StandBy) added a switch to view touch notifications

AirDrop: A switch to activate the transfer of content when holding up one iPhone to another

There are not many innovations for macOS 14.0 Sonoma beta 4, but there are fixes in the animations of Widgets, AirPlay, as well as in the interfaces of the system windows of applications, and there are bug fixes with disappearing and too sharp movements of the icons when moving the icons of the new Interactive Widgets to the desktop.

Apple also releases Safari Technology Preview 175 for MacOS

Safari Technology Preview is a special preview version of the browser for macOS, designed to test new features in the browser

Inside are new features for web apps, notifications, fixes for extensions and performance improvements, as well as a number of fixes for APIs, WebKit, and more.

A new firmware update for AirPods Pro 2 has also been released – firmware 6.0 Beta 2 (6A5262e), which is already available to developers for installation and only for this model of headphones. But even here there is an innovation – with the installed beta version for AirPods Pro 2 on iOS 17 beta 4, when connecting headphones, a menu for personalizing the sound volume appears on each of the headphones:

New volume adjustment menu on AirPods Pro 2 with beta versions of software on iOS 17 beta

A new beta version of visionOS 1.0 beta 2 has been released, it contains additions in the form of SDK for Simulator – it allows you to view written programs visually.

The new SDK assembly visionOS 1.0 Beta 2 has become available to developers for the Simulator

Inside, for example, there is a video with instructions for replacing seals with Vision Pro if it is necessary to choose a different size (for example, set L instead of S).

And after digging into the system code, the craftsmen discovered that there are three different versions of batteries for Vision Pro!

There are three model codes found within the software for powering and operating the headset’s external batteries: A2781 (assumed to be the main battery supplied in the kit), and A2988 and A2697 – optional versions that likely have a larger battery capacity for longer Vision use Pro.

It turns out that those who want to watch the entire movie “Avatar: The Path of Water” on one charge (lasts ~3 hours) will need to spend more on the battery, otherwise the main one (for 2 hours) will not be enough

Apple has started the process of giving away the Vision Pro Developer Kit

From the end of July, as promised, Apple began accepting applications for Vision Pro developer kits

But it notes that since this is a development device owned by Apple, it must be returned at the company’s request.

To prepare applications for the launch of the new App Store on Vision Pro, the company will distribute test samples, which developers will receive:

• Help in setting up the device and adapting applications from Apple experts;

• Two additional code support requests to troubleshoot any code issues.

You can apply now for the Vision Pro developer kit on the Apple Developer site. To do this, you need to be an Apple Developer account holder, provide details about your team’s development skills and existing apps, and agree to the terms.

The questionnaire is filled out by approved developers to receive the Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit and the result of measuring the head using a special application on the iPhone for the selection of mounts, headband and lenses for the headset

Priority will be given to applicants who create an application that takes advantage of the features and capabilities of visionOS.

The Apple Store will begin accepting orders for missing products, and tax-free purchases of equipment will be available in the United States

Apple will soon start accepting orders in offline stores, even for products that are not in stock, with payment directly in the store and subsequent delivery to a convenient address.

Currently, in some stores, it is possible to receive goods to order in a special Pickup area, later, apparently, this option will simply be replaced by home delivery

So the company will try to unload warehouses from large products, for example Mac. This, by the way, is a solution to the problem of storage space in stores with small storages of all the necessary various accessories for Vision Pro (lenses, headbands, straps, seals, etc.).

Also, this event will allow you to get an engraving on the device when ordering even in the store itself, because previously Apple Store employees offered to order on the website for similar services.

And the “Tax Holidays” have already started in American Apple stores. Tax holidays are a way for stores in the US to encourage spending on product categories that they believe are necessary or desirable for citizens. In online and offline Apple stores, the promotion will be traditionally available in 10 states from the end of July to the beginning of September in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

The promotion is really cool, because in every state of the USA the goods are sold with a decent tax, which is a good attempt to save and get the desired product

The maximum purchase limit per promotion reaches $3,000, which applies to all Apple equipment. More details on the company’s website.

Rumors: New WATCH Ultra color, where more watches will be made, and details on the new action button on iPhone 15

There are already many rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will cost more, with a price difference of between $100 and $200 in the US. The new price is still confirmed within the company and the more expensive components for the iPhone push the company to decide to raise the prices after all. Earlier in one of the quarterly reports, Tim Cook said that he thinks that customers are willing to really spend to get the best that they can afford in any category. This can be attributed both to the question of the price of the Vision Pro and to the early thoughts of increasing the price of the iPhone 15 Pro.

However, these will be phones with the thinnest frames in history – only 1.5 mm, and Apple is trying to achieve this even by stimulating suppliers of components for the new device. The new iPhone 15 Pro will use displays based on the new LIPO technology – low-injection pressure over-molding, that is, casting under low pressure, which will make it possible to reduce the display frame.

The thinnest frames of 1.5 mm are getting closer – they will be received by the new iPhone 15 Pro with a LIPO display

Later, similar LIPO technology is planned to be used in future iPads, and this is already a very interesting rumor, because now the frames of tablets are quite fat.

Details have arrived on the iPhone 15’s other flagship feature, the Action button, which is expected to debut this year in place of the mute lever.

Action mentions for the Action button in iOS 17 code

It has already received a mention in the code of the latest iOS 17 beta. The new programmable button will be able to perform one of 9 actions selected by the user: launch Universal Access functions, commands, launch the camera or immediately take a picture by pressing, activate the flashlight, switch focus modes, call “, start recording voice notes or switch to silent mode (we already know what you will choose from this 😁)

And in the watchOS 10 beta code we found mention of some new production regions: Brazil and India – it seems that these countries are expected to launch WATCH production, for example, SE 2nd generation:

Mention in the watchOS 10 beta code of new countries of production of watches from Apple, now they are assembled in only three: China, Vietnam, Thailand

According to rumors, WATCH Ultra in a dark titanium case may finally be released this year, but it is not yet clear whether it will be a full-fledged WATCH Ultra 2nd generation or just a new color. However, the expectation of the target audience for such a version of the ultra-watch has been known for a long time, there are even concepts:

WATCH Ultra concept in dark titanium

Several apps have returned to the App Store, as well as a release date for Death Stranding on Mac

Announced at WWDC23, Death Stranding Director’s Cut for Mac – Coming December 2nd!

In the Russian Mac App Store, the game will cost 3490₽, it is also available on December 2

In addition, in the Russian App Store last week there was a sudden return of several popular applications. Let’s start with banking: after a few months, the original application for VBRR Bank customers – VBRR Mobile – became available again for download from the store

How exactly it was managed to return to the iOS app store is anyone’s guess, because the bank is still under sanctions.

There is also good news for Alfa-Bank customers – a new disguised application “Money is in order” has appeared in the App Store, install it as soon as it is available!

“Money is in order” is a new application for Alfa-Bank customers, disguised as an application for accounting expenses, but after authorization by phone number, a fairly familiar interface opens

A few months after its sudden removal, an application for sports fans has returned to the Russian (and only) App Store –

Other additional programs of the holding have not yet been returned, but foreign editions of the publication (Tribuna and Sports Kazakhstan) have long since released separate programs for their portals. The application itself was removed due to a connection with the owner of a media holding that was subject to personal sanctions, but now, under the conditions of restrictions on distribution regions, it seems to have been returned.

There is also news for clients of the SOGAZ insurance group – it turns out that a new application has appeared in the App Store for a long time instead of the remote one, now it is called “Health and Insurance”, don’t miss it.

A new application for clients of the SOGAZ insurance group in the App Store

We’ll keep you posted on other App Store changes, both in this digest and on our social media:

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