Apple Pro Weekly News (04.03 – 04.09.23)

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Apple has released updates for iOS and iPadOS to fix bugs and security issues, while also closing several zero-day vulnerabilities. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently gave a candid interview to GQ magazine discussing his leadership style and the company’s upcoming plans, including in the AR/VR field and expanding renewable energy sources. Apple is also opening two new stores in India and expanding the functionality of Apple Maps in several European countries. Rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro may have a periscope camera and a bigger camera block, while an interesting Apple patent has surfaced for an additional touchscreen on AirPods charging cases.

Apple Pro Weekly News (04.03 – 04.09.23)

What’s new in Apple’s latest public releases, where the new Apple Maps feature is being launched, where Apple’s new stores are opening, what Tim Cook told GQ, as well as rumors about upcoming Apple products and one interesting patent. The next edition of the Apple Pro Weekly News digest is finally out, we invite you to read it!

iOS 16.4.1 and iOS 15.7.5 released – why and what’s new

Last week, iOS and iPadOS update 16.4.1 (20E252) was released to the general public.

It was especially awaited, because in recent days users encountered problems with the Weather widget and application, it simply did not display data. There were other errors and bugs that were fixed.

The update is available for installation by all users in the software update section

This release contains important bug fixes and security updates, including the following:

• Skin tone options were not showing for the push-to-the-side emoji.

• In some cases, the Siri voice assistant did not respond to requests.

• Bugs in the operation of the Weather widget and program have been fixed.

Apple’s iOS 16.4.1 update closed several zero-day vulnerabilities that could have been exploited by cyberattacks. In particular, the vulnerabilities CVE-2023-28205 and CVE-2023-28206 were closed.

Note on closing vulnerabilities on the Apple Support site

The fixes were to improve memory management when using WebKit, and another fix was to improve input validation. An out-of-memory write issue in IOSurfaceAccelerator could allow an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

MacOS Ventura 13.3.1 (22E261) has also become available to all Mac users.

The update contains important bug fixes and security updates, including the following: Automatic Mac unlocking with WATCH might not work, and weather widgets might not display data

Updates have also been released for older versions of the software with bug fixes and security improvements, probably also closing the vulnerabilities mentioned above:

• iOS 15.7.5 (19H332)

• iPadOS 15.7.5 (19H332)

• macOS Monterey 12.6.5 (21G531)

• macOS Big Sur 11.7.6 (20G1231)

iOS 15.7.5 available on iPhone SE1/6S/6SPus/7/7Plus, iPadOS 15.7.5 on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4

It also became known that iOS and iPadOS 16.3.1 are no longer signed, it is now impossible to install or rollback to it. The current versions are 16.4 and 16.4.1, as well as iOS 16.5 beta for developers.

And if you have devices on one of these systems, then hurry to update them:

• iOS 11.0 – 11.2.6

• macOS 10.13.0 – 10.13.3

• watchOS 4.0 – 4.2.3

• tvOS 11.0 – 11.2.6

All Apple services (except iCloud) will stop working early next month on devices with these versions.

GQ magazine released a long interview with Tim Cook

In it, Apple’s CEO revealed how he defied his naysayers and built the world’s most creative company on his own terms. I remembered vivid episodes of working with Steve Jobs. In a candid conversation, he presents a new vision of leadership, explaining why he considers himself an outsider, how the company upholds Apple’s values, and what he does to avoid staring at his iPhone all day. And also about the company’s capabilities and plans, including the AR/VR field and the company’s services as the largest revenue stream.

GQ April 2023 cover with Tim Cook

The full interview in English in text and audio format is available on the GQ website.

And in a special video flash, Cook talks about 5 things that inspire him:

The interview is notable for some bright quotes and facts, such as the fact that the head of Apple reads every letter that comes to him in the mail, or about his vision of augmented reality technology.

Apple and its suppliers have reported expanding renewable energy sources

This happened as part of the program to minimize the carbon footprint until 2030, which Apple launched a few years ago. Currently, 250 manufacturing partners are on the path to decarbonizing the production of components for apple products.

Recently, several energy companies around the world have added to the system of renewable energy sources for Apple production, and now the figure has reached 13.7 gigawatts. 59 projects were supported thanks to payments of Green Bonds from Apple. And another $700 million has been allocated for these purposes now.

Brief information about achievements within the framework of Apple’s environmental program

Tim Cook

CEO of Apple

“Apple is becoming a carbon-neutral company for its own operations, innovating, advancing work to solve the problem of climate change. With partners around the world, we are adding renewable energy to our global supply chain and investing in next-generation eco-technologies. The scale of this problem is huge, as is our desire to solve it.”

Apple also announced a significant expansion of its Recovery Fund, a project to decarbonize nature, announcing an additional investment of up to $200 million.

This is how the company notes its commitment to promoting high-quality projects to get rid of the carbon footprint. When this Recovery Fund was launched in 2021 with Conservation International and Goldman Sachs, the project began to grow and achieve new figures with additional investments, including an investment from Apple. This is what has brought effective results in the fight against the carbon footprint.

The company also plans to implement environmental monitoring and measurement technologies directly through the iPhone with a LiDAR scanner, which will be useful for expanding the field monitoring capabilities of the Recovery Fund project partners’ applications.

Two new Apple Stores will open in India immediately

The company announces the opening of the first Apple BKC store in India on April 18 – located in the Bandra Kurla Complex mall in Mumbai. Apple has already shared a photo of the facade of the future store in a corporate design.

Hello Mumbai!

Apple BKC branded wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Mac have been released. You can download it via the link 👈🏻

Immediately after the opening of the first Indian Apple BKC store, the company will open the second – on April 20, Apple Saket in New Delhi will open its doors to customers.

Hello Delhi!

And you can download these branded Apple Saket wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Mac using the link 👈🏻

By the way, Tim Cook will personally attend both openings, as part of his trip to India he has several important meetings and statements planned.

Maps expands functionality in a number of European countries

New features have appeared in Apple Maps applications for users in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia.

New features added for listed locations in Maps include:

• Navigation in the language of the region with shorter and more accessible wording

• Lane navigation

• Displaying the location of speed cameras

• Construction of transit routes and with several stops

• Charging points for electric cars

• Zoomable 3D views of major attractions

Rumors: iPhone 15 Pro renders and an interesting AirPods patent

While the wait for iOS 17 is accompanied by controversial rumors about whether there will be anything new, another dispute between two insiders has emerged: which devices will not receive the new version of the software.

According to various insiders, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 are in question on: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad 5th generation, iPad Pro 9.7” and iPad Pro 12.9” 1st generation. At the same time, a number of other insiders say that the system will be available on these devices, albeit in a reduced format. It seems that it is easier for us to wait for the presentation.

iOS and iPadOS 17 will be shown at the WWDC23 presentation on June 5

9to5Mac decided to maximize and visualize all the rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro and make accurate renderings of the new product. There are many more images of this concept render, here are just a few of the most interesting images.

One of the features of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max may be a periscope camera, but this is not certain. But for sure – the camera block will become even bigger in height, the phone without a case will “walk” on the table even more confidently!

According to rumors, the material of some versions of the iPhone 15 Pro will be titanium. And the new product will have the long-awaited USB-C, which everyone, especially the European Commission, is waiting for.

Allegedly, one of the possible colors of the new iPhone 15 Pro is this dark red color. By the way, the Pro versions have never been in red.

A very interesting Apple patent for an additional touchscreen on the AirPods charging case has surfaced.

Apple’s patent for an AirPods case with a screen

According to the idea, with its help, for example, it will be possible to control playback and volume, call the voice assistant, receive and view messages:

Do you remember if there was such an iPod nano?

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