Apple opened pre-order Vision Pro

Apple opened pre-order Vision Pro

On January 19, Apple opened pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro headset. The base model will cost the buyer $3,499, the variant with 512 GB of internal storage will cost $3,699, and the variant with 1 TB of storage will cost $3,899. Additional options can bring the cost of the gadget up to $4,800.

The headset comes with a range of accessories, including a headband, battery, screen wipe, power adapter and USB-C charging cable. Additional options can be purchased for money, including:

  • travel case for $199;

  • additional battery for $199;

  • Zeiss lenses for those who need vision correction, starting at $99;

  • Extra Light Seal pads for $199;

  • Extra Light Seal pads for $29;

  • Belkin Battery Clip for $49.95;

  • additional strap for $99;

  • optional double loop strap for $99;

  • additional charging cable for $29;

  • additional power supply for $39.

To order the Vision Pro, you need to scan your face using FaceID on your iPhone or iPad for a precise fit. The buyer will also have to fill out a questionnaire about their vision and the types of corrective lenses, if needed.

The company’s mixed reality headset is powered by VisionOS, and users can control it with eye and hand gestures or voice commands via Siri. The headset works on the basis of the Apple M2 processor and the Apple R1 auxiliary chip. The company positions the gadget as a “spatial computer” capable of combining digital media with the real environment.

Apple Vision Pro is scheduled to start shipping on February 2. It is worth noting that, according to AppleInsider, eighteen minutes after the opening of the pre-order, the first stocks were sold out, and the delivery dates began to shift by several months. On February 2, 2024, those who made a purchase in the first few minutes will be able to receive their orders. Two hours after opening the pre-order, the delivery dates were already March and April.

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