Apple has patented a MacBook Pro with a glass back panel that houses an additional touch screen

Apple has patented a MacBook Pro with a glass back panel that houses an additional touch screen

Apple has registered a patent for a MacBook Pro with a glass back like the iPhone. The difference is that the new MacBook Pro offers a touch screen. Apple has previously been rumored to introduce a touchscreen MacBook Pro in 2025.

The patent specifies that the side parts of the MacBook Pro cover will be made of metal, and the surface will be glass. Apple claims that metal parts will increase the strength of the structure.

“Because laptops are generally portable devices, their size, weight and durability affect the usefulness of the device,” Apple writes. – In addition, the specific materials used to make the laptop and specifically for the case components also affect the size, weight and durability of the device. Materials like plastic can be light but have relatively low durability.”

Most of the patent applications relate to the assembly and gluing of different parts of the screen. While most of the patent points to an all-glass back panel, in some cases Apple indicates that only part of it will be glass.

“The proposed configuration implies a light and thin display, while maintaining a high level of rigidity,” continues Apple. “Also, a glass back panel can be more resistant to scratches, cracking, warping and other damage that other materials are prone to.”

Insiders have repeatedly said that Apple plans to merge the Mac with the iPad, but the company has rejected these assumptions. Usually, when these devices are combined, insiders mean the presence of the same operating system on both. In this case, Apple will simply take the iPhone hardware and transfer it to the Mac, notes AppleInsider.

This isn’t the first time the company has explored such an idea: in 2021, it was reported that in the future users could see a Mac made from a single piece of glass. And in 2023, Apple received a patent for a glass MacBook with a trackpad without visible borders, which actually merges with the body.

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