Apple bought a startup in the field of artificial intelligence called DarwinAI

Apple bought a startup in the field of artificial intelligence called DarwinAI

Apple acquired Canadian artificial intelligence startup DarwinAI. The agreement was concluded at the beginning of this year. Dozens of employees of the purchased company have joined Apple’s II department, Bloomberg reports citing unnamed sources.

DarwinAI is behind the development of AI technologies for visual inspection of components in the manufacturing process, serving customers in various industries. One of the startup’s goals is to make AI systems more compact and faster. The work could be useful for Apple, which plans to deploy AI on its own devices rather than entirely in the cloud.

University of Waterloo AI researcher Alexander Wong, who helped build the DarwinAI business, has joined Apple as director of AI as part of a deal with the startup.

As of 2022, DarwinAI has raised more than $15 million from Honeywell Ventures, Inovia Capital and other venture funds. The startup previously worked with Lockheed Martin and Intel.

Apple intends to add features based on the technology of generative artificial intelligence in the upcoming iOS 18. The CEO of the corporation, Tim Cook, promised that Apple will “open new horizons” in the field of AI in 2024. Relevant news will appear after WWDC 2024, which will take place in June.

Since the beginning of 2017, Apple has bought 21 startups in the field of AI. In 2023, the corporation acquired California startup WaveOne, which offers an AI algorithm for video compression. Although at the same time Apple lags behind in the generative AI market. However, the corporation has begun using its business technology to handle customer service requests.

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