Apple announced the date of the start of Vision Pro sales in the US for $3499 — February 2, pre-orders will open from January 19

Apple announced the date of the start of Vision Pro sales in the US for $3499 — February 2, pre-orders will open from January 19

On January 8, 2024, Apple announced the date of the start of sales of its first Vision Pro mixed reality glasses with 256 GB of memory in the US for $ 3,499 – February 2, pre-orders for the gadget will open from January 19.

The first version of the headset will be released only in silver, with a free polishing cloth included. The gadget on the left side has a magnetic connector for an external power cable. The device has a removable standard battery the size of a smartphone. The manufacturer promises that the battery charge will be enough for a couple of hours of work, and if necessary, you can use a stationary power supply unit, although in this case there will be a loss in mobility for the user.

The headset works on the basis of the Apple M2 processor and the Apple R1 auxiliary chip. The company positions the gadget as a “spatial computer” capable of combining digital media with the real environment.

Elements of the acoustic system (two speakers) using spatial sound technology are placed near the user’s ears on the headset body. Most of the cameras and sensors are placed on the front under the glass of the device. They can be seen from a certain angle from the outside.

In the lower part of the Vision Pro case, there are ventilation slots, which in working condition should blow the user’s cheeks and cheekbones with warm air. The device has active air cooling.

Apple did not provide data on the weight of the elements of the glasses and did not disclose the battery capacity.

More than a million apps and games in the App Store have already been adapted for Vision Pro, including 250 games in Apple Arcade. Among them are NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, Sonic Dream Team, Super Fruit Ninja and many other titles.

In the Vision Pro mixed reality device, you cannot work with your glasses. They will need to be replaced with branded Zeiss lenses (additionally costing $149) with the necessary dioptre characteristics, which are inserted inside the gadget on special magnetic holders. The company says additional compatible lens kits will be sold separately for each customer.

On June 5, 2023, Apple introduced the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset. The company reported that the gadget will cost $3,499 and will go on sale in 2024.

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