Anomalies of the growth of the structure of the universe were revealed

Anomalies of the growth of the structure of the universe were revealed

On September 11, 2023, physicists from the University of Michigan published an article that the universe is expanding more slowly than the theory predicts.

The concept of “dark matter” was introduced by Henri Poincaré at the beginning of the 20th century. This problem of cosmology has no solution: the mass of the visible objects of the universe does not correspond to their velocities. If you add the visible mass of “dark matter”, the speeds will converge, but in the 1990s, a second problem appeared – the universe is expanding with acceleration, but it should be slowing down. Some matter with a positive mass, even “dark” would not give such an effect. The source of the acceleration was called “dark energy”. And so the modern cosmological model even with two “dark crutches” gives incorrect predictions of the growth index of the universe.

The cosmological model not only estimates these Planck space observatories, but also ties into one universe year, general relativity, the assumption that our space is flat, and data on relict radiation. If we accept the fallacy of this model, we will have to revise a lot in modern physics.

The author of the news is physicist Georgy Tims for the “Physics for Humanitarians” project. When copying, please indicate the authorship. Social networks of the project: Telegram channel, YouTube channel

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