And the flame will break out! We invite UX/UI designers to a battle with a fund of 100,000 rubles

And the flame will break out! We invite UX/UI designers to a battle with a fund of 100,000 rubles

Have you already conquered all the competitions you know or just want to join the party? Enter the fire: in November 2023, we will arrange tests your creativity and Figma skills.

Fire, fire, bomb, cannon! Waiting for you 🙂

Let’s start from the beginning – what is a design battle?

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This is the most popular format of creative competition. Not only web designers struggle. Creative duels and battles can take place among musicians, artists, poets and others.

Participants simultaneously receive the topic of the project. They have to create the concept and design of the site within the specified time. The task can be serious and voluminous, as well as humorous and small.

Works are checked by a jury team – experts in the field and representatives of partner companies.

Okay, Pyrobyte, why do you need your battle?

We already hold it every year. But inside the studio 🙂 Hence the name Pyrobattle.

Everyone participates at will — from designers to developers. Children learn a topic and in just an hour create a design of a small website based on it. For example, this year, the people of Pirobyte worked creatively on websites for future schools.

A battle assignment from a creative director, for example

They held their battle, recharged and decided to invite fellow designers from all over Russia to the battle. After all, pumping your strength and networking a lot, even online, does not happen;)

“According to our experience, we know and feel that thanks to numerous online courses, a critical mass of designers has accumulated who are eager to fight and want to declare themselves. We need more movement in our field! Design battle is a great chance to do this,” says the organizer of Pyrobattle, our creative director Anton.

↓ Moments of our tube in-studio battle (✯◡✯)

Who can participate in Pyrobattle?

UX/UI designers of any level. If you work in a different direction of design, but you know Figma, you know how to structure and content, you want to pump your skills – only guests are welcome!

What do participants need to do?

Implement your ideas and create a design for a site or a landing pageand. All participants will learn the topic of the work at the same time, on the day of the start of the battle – November 1.

There are no restrictions on content. Its participants prepare it themselves.

For work – 10 days, with November 1 to 10, 2023 inclusive. Then work will be checked by the jury until November 19.

Designers will place their cases on the Dprofile platform. It is the link to them that our experts will open for verification. Therefore, the presentation of the work is separate points in the assessment conditions.

And who among you is from the strong world of design?

20+ experts in UX/UI, experts in branding and marketing, managers and leading employees of agencies. Uprock, Awwwards, SberHealth, tell you about something? 🙂 This is just part of the Pyrobattle expert jury team.

The general partner of the battle is a domestic infrastructure site for designers Dprofile. The guys bring talented people together and develop design in Russia. And we also want to be friends with colleagues and unite our community, in particular at battles.

What will be taken into account in the assessment of works?

  • UX/UI: logic, structure, usability and visuals,

  • The uniqueness and uniqueness of the idea,

  • Submission of work; accompanying text,

  • Quality of text and graphics,

  • Bonus points for wow effects: animations and interactives.

And what buns for the winners?

3 prize winners will share 100,000 rubles among themselves. The jury will also additionally reward the winners of nominations from Pyrobyte and battle partners.

The most active and enterprising participants will be able to communicate with experts, receive detailed analyzes of works, recommendations to them as well, and who knows? – Proposals for cooperation.

Will there be something like networking?

Where without him? 😉

You won’t have to be sad, because we are prepared a surprise a series of webinars from our experts Art direction and leading designers will tell you how to create a perfect concept, implement animations and share a few more secrets.

We will publish the webinar schedule a little later on the battle page and on his Telegram channel. We will welcome guests!

Both participants and judges will communicate with each other in closed chats. There, the guys will exchange contacts, will be able to discuss tasks and help each other, give feedback and invite to other battles.

Fire, I’m with you! How to become a member of Pyrobattle?

Until October 31, 2023 inclusive

  1. Register at,

  2. Leave a request on the Pyrobattle website,

  3. In the application form, see a message that the data has been accepted,

  4. Subscribe to channels Pyrobattle and Pyrobyteto not miss the news,

  5. All of you are ready to light the fire with us!

Not only everyone will accept the challenge, but those who are worthy will raise their hand and fill out the application!

All Pyrobattle news and webinar announcements we publish in the Telegram channel of the contest and on the Pyrobyte channel.

Participation in the battle is free. Age limit: 16+

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