Analogues of the Anketolog service

Analogues of the Anketolog service

In the era of digitization and active development of Internet technologies, surveys and tests have become an integral part of many spheres of activity. They help companies receive customer feedback, analyze user preferences, study employee engagement, and conduct marketing and sociological research. Choosing a suitable online service for creating surveys and tests is not an easy task. In this article, we’ll compare Interviewer with its peers so you can make an informed choice. The article will be especially useful for marketing specialists, HR managers, and user experience researchers who seek to optimize their work processes with effective tools.

Review of the Interviewer

Anketologist is one of many online survey and quiz creation services that offers a basic set of features for data collection and analysis. The service allows users to design a variety of questionnaires using standard question types such as single-choice, multiple-choice, text boxes, and rating scales. Pollster offers tools for distributing surveys via email and social media, as well as basic capabilities for analyzing the results.

The main audience of Anketologist is small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations that need a basic toolkit without advanced analytics or personalization functions. Despite its ease of use, the service has limitations regarding the depth of data analysis and survey customization, which may not satisfy the needs of more demanding users who are looking for deep integration with other systems and complex response processing mechanisms.

Testographer: a modern analogue of the Interviewer

In search of the ideal service for creating online surveys and tests, experts come across many options, but Testograph stands out among them with its modernity and innovative approach. Let’s consider what makes Testograph an outstanding analogue of Anketologist and other services.

Emphasis on modernity and innovation

Testograph not only follows trends in the field of digital surveys and testing, but also actively contributes to the development of this field. The service offers users an intuitive interface, a wide set of tools for creating surveys and tests that meet modern requirements for convenience and functionality. This includes flexible question customization, a variety of question types, and the ability to brand surveys to match your organization’s corporate style.

Data security and attention to IT

One of the key advantages of Testograph is its impeccable attention to data security and information security. In the conditions of the growing threat of cyber attacks, Testograf ensures the protection of confidential information using modern encryption technologies and compliance with international data protection standards. This makes Testograph a reliable tool for conducting surveys and tests in any field of activity.

Unique functionality

The Testograph goes beyond the standard capabilities thanks to its unique functions, such as:

  • Various restrictions on survey availability ensure targeting and efficiency of data collection.

  • Randomization of questions and answers to increase reliability of results.

  • Setting the logic of transitions between questions, which allows you to create complex and multi-level tests.

  • More than 30 types of questions, including test types of questions for a variety of survey formats.

  • Automatic analytics with the construction of tables and charts for visual presentation of results.

Examples of survey and test templates

To see how your surveys and tests can look like using Testograph, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the suggested templates on our website. These templates demonstrate the flexibility and multi-functionality of the platform, and are also a great source of inspiration for creating your own unique surveys. Visit the sample surveys and questionnaire templates section to get started with Testograph today.

Finally, by choosing Testograf, you get not just a service for creating surveys and tests, but also a powerful data analysis tool that meets the highest requirements for modernity, security and functionality.

Advantages of the Testograph over the Interviewer and other analogues

When choosing a tool for creating surveys and tests, many specialists are faced with the need to carefully compare the functionality of different services. Testograph offers a unique set of features that set it apart from questionnaire surveyors and other analogues.

Comparison of key features

  1. More than 30 types of questions: Testograph offers a wide range of question types, which allows you to create surveys and tests that are maximally adapted to the specifics of the study and the target audience. This includes unique formats such as sliders, matrices, question pictures, which significantly expands the possibilities for obtaining quality data.

  2. Setting the logic of transitions: Testograph provides an opportunity to configure the logic of the transition between questions depending on the respondent’s answers. This allows you to create dynamic and interactive surveys that adapt to each participant, making the process more engaging and reducing the number of irrelevant responses.

  3. Survey Branding: The ability to customize and brand surveys in Testograph makes it possible to fully integrate surveys into the corporate style of your organization. This not only promotes brand recognition, but also increases the trust of respondents.

  4. Automatic analytics: Testograph automatically processes the received data, providing detailed reports with graphs and tables. This greatly simplifies the process of analyzing the results and allows you to make informed decisions quickly.

Advantages in the field of integration with other services

Testograf offers great opportunities for integration with other services through the Testograf API. It enables you to automate processes, link survey data to your internal systems, and create complex automated workflows, improving operational efficiency and data analysis efficiency.

Exclusive opportunities for HR and marketing

Testograph has developed unique solutions designed specifically for HR and marketing specialists:

  • Surveys and tests for HR: Tools specially designed for HR professionals help in evaluating and developing employees, as well as optimizing recruitment processes. Learn more about HR opportunities here.

  • Surveys and tests for marketing: Testograph offers powerful tools for conducting marketing research, analyzing consumer preferences, and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. You can learn more about the functionality for marketers here.

By choosing Testograf, you get not only a tool for creating surveys and tests, but also a powerful solution for improving your company’s internal processes, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and optimizing the work of the HR department.

A practical example of using the Testograph

One of the most revealing use cases of the Testograph that I had to face in my practice is related to a large retail company that sought to improve the level of customer satisfaction. The project included developing and conducting a customer survey to identify their preferences and areas for improvement.

Using Testograph to collect feedback from customers

With the help of Testograph, we created a detailed survey that includes more than 20 questions of various types: from open questions to complex matrix questions. Thanks to the possibilities of customization and branding, the survey was completely in line with the corporate style of the company, which increased the level of feedback from customers.

The function of setting the logic of transitions was especially valuable, which allowed us to create an adaptive survey: depending on the answers, the respondents moved to different blocks of questions, which made the process of filling out the questionnaire more relevant and less tiring for the participants.

Analytics and conclusions

After completing the survey, Testograph automatically generated an in-depth analytical report, including graphs and charts, which allowed us to quickly analyze the data and identify key areas for service improvement. Thanks to the high degree of detail of the reports, the team was able to develop targeted measures aimed at improving customer satisfaction.


Comparing Testograph with Anketolog and other analogues, it becomes clear that Testograph offers much wider possibilities for creating, conducting and analyzing surveys. Thanks to modern functionality, a high degree of customization and advanced analytical tools, Testograph allows not only to collect feedback, but also to convert it into specific actions and improvements.

The choice of Testograph is optimal for companies of any size that seek a deep understanding of their customers, employees or any other target audience. The service provides all the necessary tools for conducting qualitative research, which makes it an indispensable assistant in collecting and analyzing data for making informed decisions.

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