AMD and Nvidia have started development of ARM processors for PCs

AMD and Nvidia have started development of ARM processors for PCs

Nvidia has begun development of ARM processors designed for Windows PCs. Its competitor Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has the same plans for the near future, Reuters reports with reference to insiders. The production of processors can start as early as 2025.

According to Reuters sources, Nvidia’s plans are in line with Microsoft’s desire to help manufacturers develop ARM-based processors for Windows PCs. A joint effort between Nvidia and AMD could shake up the PC industry, which has long been dominated by Intel and is now under the influence of Apple, which has released its own ARM chips for Macs. According to one of the sources, Microsoft management sees the efficiency of Apple’s chips and hopes to achieve similar.

In 2016, Microsoft entered into an agreement with Qualcomm to develop Windows-compatible chips. The agreement will expire in 2024, and Microsoft is actively encouraging other manufacturers to enter this market after this period, writes Reuters. It’s worth noting that Qualcomm is likely to unveil its Snapdragon X Elite PC ARM chip in the coming days.

Microsoft is also encouraging chip makers to build AI features into their designs. The company predicts that AI-enhanced software, such as Copilot, will increasingly be used in Windows. For this to become a reality, future chips from Nvidia, AMD and others need to dedicate resources to AI.

At the same time, Microsoft’s plans have no guarantee of success, the publication notes. Software developers have spent decades and billions of dollars creating Windows software that supports x86-compatible processor architectures. Code built for x86 chips will not automatically run on ARM-based devices, and the transition can cause additional problems and costs.

Nvidia shares rose 4.4% on the Reuters report, while Intel shares fell 2.9%. ARM shares rose 3.4% at the close.

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