Airbnb bans surveillance cameras even in “common areas” inside rental space

Airbnb bans surveillance cameras even in “common areas” inside rental space

Airbnb will no longer allow owners of apartments and houses for rent to install video surveillance cameras. This includes “common areas”, such as a corridor or a living room. The change will take effect on April 30, according to a company blog post.

The short-term rental service’s rules previously allowed landlords to install surveillance cameras in “common areas” of properties, such as hallways and living rooms. Airbnb required hosts to disclose the presence of cameras in their listings, and to install the cameras themselves in such a way that they were visible. The service’s policy also prohibited the installation of cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms. Currently, the ban applies to all premises.

The rules are also being updated for outdoor surveillance cameras: Airbnb now requires hosts to disclose information about their use and location before a home is booked. Outdoor cameras cannot be used for indoor surveillance, nor in certain outdoor areas where the expectation of privacy is very high, such as an outdoor shower or sauna.

Landlords do not have to tell about surveillance cameras and recording devices installed in premises beyond their control (for example, in the lobby of an apartment building). However, Airbnb recommends warning guests about such devices.

In addition, it will be necessary to indicate noise monitoring devices – devices that measure the level and duration of noise, but do not record sound. It is not necessary to specify the exact location of such devices.

Hosts have until April 30 to bring their properties and listings into compliance with Airbnb rules. If a guest then reports a camera on the premises, Airbnb will investigate and either remove the ad or suspend the host’s account.

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