Air Burners presented charging on wood for electric cars

Air Burners presented charging on wood for electric cars

The Air Burners company introduced the BioCharger portable wood-based charging station for electric vehicles. It is intended for remote regions where there are no gas stations. The capacity of the BioCharger is kWh.

BioCharger was created with the support of Volvo CE and Rolls-Royce. The charger uses “air curtain technology” to burn wood and waste in a closed loop system. The resulting heat is converted into electrical energy and stored in a connected battery storage module (BSM). This energy can then be used to charge the batteries of electric vehicles, construction equipment and portable power tools.

Air Burners notes that in the US alone, about 70 million tons of wood waste is collected annually, but more than 50% of it is subjected to open burning or decomposition, resulting in particulate matter and greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. However, the new system will reduce the volume of such emissions by 90% or more, the company claims. The air circulating in the furnace will filter them, not allowing large fractions of soot, and then burning them. The productivity of the installation can be increased to 700 kWh. It burns 6 to 8 tons of wood per hour.

The estimated cost of the system is $1.7 million.

The BioCharger is currently being tested on a prototype Volvo EC230 23-tonne electric tracked excavator. The commercial launch of the car will take place later this year.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen introduced the Vehicle to Home function, which will allow households to be supplied with electricity for two days from the batteries of the VW ID electric vehicles. The option uses bidirectional charging (V2G) technology.

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