“Aerodisk” replaced Jira with SimpleOne

“Aerodisk” replaced Jira with SimpleOne

“Aerodisk”, a domestic developer and manufacturer of SGS, switched from Jira to the domestic ITSM system SimpleOne, reports Cnews. SimpleOne was chosen from among six proposed tools, the name of which has not been specified. According to Aerodisk, this system is closest to Jira and to the company’s requirements.

The migration to the new product took three months. “Aerodisk” uses a customized version of SimpleOne. As the company notes, during the transition, small bugs “of a purely operational nature, related to what was happening as the use, but also “finishing” of the tool” to meet the needs of the company.

“For us, the possibility of seamless data migration, the functionality of the solution, which is not inferior to Jira, the availability of low-code tools for customizing processes, as well as the possibility of integration with the Russian business management service “Bitrix24″ and the Telegram chatbot were important,” he explained. CEO of “Aerodisk” Vyacheslav Volodkovich, quote from Cnews.

Jira’s developer, Atlassian, will stop updating and supporting the platform at the end of 2022. Last August, Atlassian began actively disconnecting accounts registered in Russia and Belarus from its services. This affected not only Jira, but also other company solutions: Trello and Confluence. In this regard, Russian companies using Jira, Trello and Confluence faced the question of import substitution of a foreign product.

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