Advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting options CopyQ 8.0 is out

Advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting options CopyQ 8.0 is out

CopyQ 8.0, an advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting options, has been released. The source code of the project is published on GitHub under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

Stable releases of CopyQ 8.0 are available for Windows (including CopyQ Portable), as well as for Linux and macOS.

CopyQ monitors the system clipboard and saves its contents (including text, HTML, images or any other user-defined formats) in customizable tabs. The saved clipboard can later be copied and pasted directly into any application.

Main changes in CopyQ version 8.0.0:

  • the limit of tab items has been increased to 100,000;

  • available builds for macOS (M1/arm64 architecture);

  • available builds for Debian/Raspbian (Arm/arm64 architectures);

  • added the ability to override element activation using Paste();

  • added the ability to override script functions for handling some events: items added/removed/changed (onItemsAdded(), onItemsRemoved(), onItemsChanged()), loaded tab items (onItemsLoaded()), selected tab (onTabSelected());

  • you can use Ctrl+C to copy items even if the search field is in focus, as long as it is not selected;

  • Linux: added build option to disable X11 support (cmake -DWITH_X11=OFF…);

  • Linux: Added build option to disable autorun, useful mainly for Flatpak builds;

  • Linux: The last saved text element is updated with each new mouse selection only if the element’s content corresponds to the beginning or end of the selection (not the middle as before). This will help to avoid unexpected item updates;

  • large data items on tabs are stored in a separate location unless sync or encryption plugins are active for that tab. This allows you to store more items on tabs, using less memory;

  • Fixed drag-and-drop order of plugins and commands. This could lead to a missing icon, app crash, or various inconsistencies;

  • fixed key management with gpg 2.1 and above;

  • fixed the creation of duplicate elements using the Synchronize plugin, for example, when adding a tag;

  • fixed conflicting notes and text with the Synchronize plugin;

  • fixed deletion of global object after running scripts;

  • Wayland: Fixed a bug with copying images to another instance of the app.

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