About creating web applications on Nim. Part 2

About creating web applications on Nim. Part 2

In the last article (here), I told you about a fresh web framework called HappyX, which, by the way, received a new major release – 2.0.0 (Nim, by the way, too, @denis-19 wrote about it here).

In this article, I will introduce you to the main changes of the new version of the framework, and also tell you why you should choose HappyX for your projects.

Automatic Documentation Generation

Developers of FastAPI and similar frameworks can rejoice – automatic documentation generation is available in HappyX. You can learn more about this feature in the video.

The main feature is that documentation is generated when your program is compiled, and runtime time is spent only on sending the documentation to the client (browser).

Nim 2.0.0 support

Starting with version 2.0.0, HappyX provides support for Nim version 2 and higher, while still supporting the old version 1.6.14.

Other Features of the Framework

HappyX is really fast. Judging by this benchmark

Comparison of HappyX with other web frameworks

With this framework, you don’t have to think about “how is this done in FastAPI?” or “how is it done in Vue.js?”. Everything is simple here – you take and do.

Development of the server part in HappyX

Development of the client part in HappyX

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