A story about how the IT trade union in Habra turned out to be Ukrainian propaganda from Kharkiv

A story about how the IT trade union in Habra turned out to be Ukrainian propaganda from Kharkiv

Disclaimer: Please try to consider the article in an academic way and not get into the reasons why we/they got to this life.

There is an @it_union account on Khabra and it is drowning, at first glance, for everything good against everything bad.

Posts about injustice in the Armenian office of Avito or Game-insight gained enough popularity. They even help somehow: lawyers are found there (for a share of the convict).

Well, they write and write – it would seem, well done. But then there would be no post :-).

This weekend, I’m going through RSS Habra from “the best publications of the week” and I see an article from them for January 19, “Aitishnytsia, let’s give birth.”

I am reading, and everything is fine in the first half: here is a list of manuals and appropriate benefits, etc. etc.

There is nowhere to escape from subsidence in the qualification level due to a long break in work.

Eugenia will lose independence: she needs to rely on someone, live somewhere, have something, wear something But here, taking into account only the official data on child support arrears, situation statistically too not very rosy

But here is the failure, the capital can be directed only to state-approved expenses: to invest in the purchase of housing, which has become more expensive in the last 2 years in 2 times

Here, her established base with a high salary is indicated. However, still income on maternity leave will be 3 times less (it is interesting to find out what maternity leave is in conditional America, approx. the author).

As we see, the birth of a child and subsequent care for it (at least up to one and a half years, and more often up to three) is a significant drop in income and qualifications for any woman. After all, a child does not become completely independent either in one and a half years, or in three years. He must be sent to kindergarten, then to school, provided with everything necessary until he reaches adulthood, and even longer if he continues his education. Ideally, you still need to take care of a separate home for him. Maybe it won’t be the ticket quite poverty, but will certainly lower the standard of living.

We call on all women workers carefully evaluate your options, weigh your decisions and consider their consequences; exercise all rights granted by law.

tldr; we urge you not to give birth. A child is a ticket to poverty, well, well.

Normally, they push like this, then, of course, a thousand comments, how everything is bad in Mordor.

Can it be a coincidence?

I think that they are trying to shed some light on the problem. I’ll go look at some other article. Yes, supply:

Really, no strings attached. It remains, as they say, to cover yourself with a sheet and quietly crawl towards the cemetery (or relocate). And a thousand more comments on the topic.

And what’s in the car?

A preferential mortgage is your right to get into debt. “A turbulent and unchanging leader.” “In general, guys, Aitishniks, come, your native country needs you very much! Not at a computer, but in a tank or places not so remote, “etc. are beautiful phrases embedded in the text with five winks.

It’s really thick. If your union isn’t like this one, don’t even think of inviting me ©

And all this on a blue eye from Moscow: “Unite! Strike! Life is pain! Die out!”:

Where legs grow from

Let’s go see what kind of trade union this is. Contacting only through the bot in the cart. Mail to gmail or proton.

The site also has a Ukrainian version, but on it – for some reason – there are no “better not to give birth” tips.

Well, no, no, there are not enough translators. Ok, let’s go to the first post with which they entered the habr in April… 2022 and, I think, framed Pavel Serkov @spiritus_sancti from Yekaterinburg, who issued an invite.

In the article about “learning to make games in Bitsy”, the last paragraph (you can not read) with two links to the author’s profile on itch.io is a kind of self-(?)publishing stim = indie distribution of games (below is a screen with the Habra interface, not end of post – scroll further):

Games about “Short personal story of abuse of the workers’ labor in the game industry and its destructive effects on their lives” – that’s how much it took to annoy a person to start making games about trade unions 🙂

Valery Petrov. An ordinary Russian name, maybe really from Moscow? And although he can already see Ukrainian:

Yes, in Moscow there is no need to hide from the bombing under an art gallery:

Who are you, Valery Petrov, a “Muscovite of the it-trade union” with mail on gmail and proton? And Kharkiv, of course.

Our Valeriy is not necessarily TSYPSO himself – it is quite possible that they came to him and picked up the account, sometimes weaving in what is needed by the homeland – we will give what is called benefit of the doubt.

On the other hand, the “trade union” writes about the broken 4th wall in the article about Mishustin, and the game designer Valery is just a candidate of philosophical sciences with a publication on the topic “Social space of cinematography”. Coincidence? 🙂

Khabr is the organizer of information dissemination (GRI), the authors’ IP, which those who are interested will be able to see.


If you see posts that make you want to stop giving birth, curl up and die (or go “unite and strike”), then, most likely maybe it’s not a trade union, but a conditional Valera from Kharkiv / John from Ohio / Mykhailo from Lubyanka.

Compare the feeling of another type of propaganda vs “lying in a ball”:

However, it should be remembered that the same thing can be described in a completely different way: see good post with examples on the topic.

Well, you have to think five times to even go and help such “trade unions” without a clear structure, persons, etc.: pure we are anonymous – you can get involved in the history of treason to the motherland.

So think after that: the conditional Musylina, Jr. is “ku-ku” or still “not very” when the trade union rubs the psyop “child is a ticket to poverty” on your blue eye.

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