A quest in honor of a million students on a course for beginner programmers

A quest in honor of a million students on a course for beginner programmers

Habre, hello! I haven’t written these words in a long time… In touch Timur is the author of the “Python Generation” series of programming courses. 🐍

The last time I published articles was about 10 years ago. A lot of interesting things happened during this time, I will definitely tell you about it, but later. For now, I want to share the news: our beginner python course has over a million students. This is the first course on the Stepik platform with so many students.

For us and for Stepik, this is a very big event, and we would like to share it with our students and with everyone who studies programming in general. That’s why we spend online quest: its participants will solve problems in programming, mathematics, logic, and the most successful and successful will receive prizes. After all programming is not only about writing code, it is about the ability to solve various tasks.

The topic of the quest

All our quests have themes. For example, the previous quest was dedicated to Christmas: the antics of the elves and the hard work of Santa Claus. In the last Halloween quest, our students helped the programmer Jonathan to become a senior in the company “Transylvania Limited”. Well, the third quest turned out to be dystopian.

2086 year. Artificial intelligence and robotics have reached such a level that machines have displaced humans from the development of new technologies and programs. Of the old programming languages, only Python survived — it became the universal language for all devices to communicate with each other.

Humanity deals only with humanitarian specialties and creativity. It is a paradise for artists and writers. But the former senior of the company “Transylvania Limited” Jonathan loved to program and solve problems all his life.

In order to get the opportunity to do what he loves again, Jonathan needs to pass a series of tests designed by an artificial intelligence named Guido. Jonathan has to solve many problems in programming, mathematics, logic and prove that he is worthy of the title of a real programmer.

How the quest will go

The quest will take place in our open course on the Stepik platform, join in advance (participation is free).

Start – March 23 at 12:00 Moscow time. All participants of the quest will receive a certificate. (It can be hung on the wall 🤣).


As a prize, we have prepared a smart column from Yandex (this is not an advertisement, we bought it ourselves), a mechanical keyboard, headphones, a power bank, our branded merch for programmers, free access to the “Generation” courses and more.


To make it interesting for everyone to participate, we have prepared several nominations:

  • three places for those who can handle all the tasks the fastest

  • the most beautiful solution to the problem

  • random selection of winners among those who solved all tasks

  • secret nomination 🔮

Come solve the problem, it will be fun and informative! ❤️ Happy Pythoning! 🐍

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