A new version of the Flutter & Dart plugin for VSCode 3.82.0 has been released / Habr

A new version of the Flutter & Dart plugin for VSCode 3.82.0 has been released / Habr

What’s new in the editor

  • #4552: Go to Super command is now available in the editor context menu.

  • #4957: Named get/set methods with type arguments are now not painted as keywords when semantic tokens are disabled (or not supported by the theme).

What’s new in DevTools

#4387: Parameter dart.devtoolsLocation has been updated to be able to specify different settings for each DevTools page.

There was:

"devToolsLocation": "beside" // "beside" | "external" | "active"

It became:

"dart.devToolsLocation": {
	"default": "beside", // A default used for any pages not explicitly configured
	"cpu-profiler": "external" // Open CPU profiler externally always

What’s new in the debugger

  • # 4966: dart.previewSdkDaps The setting has been replaced with a new one dart.useLegacyDebugAdapters. The new setting has the opposite value (true means to use legacy adapters, whereas in the old setup this value was y false).

  • # 4930: Errors that occur when evaluating expressions (for example, caused by out-of-scope control expressions) no longer cause additional error messages.

  • #4926: A bug that could cause apps on Flutter to hang when changing breakpoints has been fixed and fixed again in Flutter 3.16.9.

What else is new?

  • #4705/#4847: Messages may now appear suggesting other VS Code extensions that are appropriate for the project and packages you are using.

Features and fixes included in future SDKs

These items depend on changes to the Dart and Flutter SDKs that have not yet been released to the stable channels. These can be tested in current betas or master channels, and will appear in future SDK releases.

  • #4953: Usage dart.customDevTools to run DevTools from source should now not crash if there is no dart in the PATH.

  • # 4932: Global evaluation no longer results in a “Could not find library” error when the open file is inside a package’s lib folder.

  • # 4908: Fields in Record types are now colored the same as fields in classes.

  • # 4907: The “No thread with threadId x” error that could occur when a debug session ended has been fixed.

  • # 4899: The “Global evaluation is currently not supported” message has been improved to no longer include a verbose call stack.

  • # 4835: DevTools extensions can now be opened in the sidebar.

  • # 4952: DevTools extensions and other DevTools pages not known to Dart-Code can now be opened inline instead of only in an external browser.

  • # 4821: DevTools can now be opened in an external browser (regardless of dart.devToolsLocation settings) on the sidebar.

  • # 4967: The “Deep Links” tool in a future version of DevTools will now be launched from the command bar.

Original: https://dartcode.org/releases/v3-82/#v3820-2024-02-01

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