A chimpanzee nicknamed Kanzi learned to defeat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

A chimpanzee nicknamed Kanzi learned to defeat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The author of the YouTube channel ChrisDaCow has published the second part of a video about a chimpanzee named Kanzi learning to play Minecraft. This time, the YouTuber showed how Kanzi defeats the Ender Dragon, the final boss of the game.

In the new video, Kanzi took part in an experiment with Tico, a chimpanzee new to Minecraft. At the time of the recording of the video, Tico had only played the game for the fifth time, but he was still taken to help a more experienced chimpanzee. The blogger noted that he did not harm the dragon during the recording, but was still present in the game, directing the primates and sometimes prompting them.

The chimpanzees started the walkthrough by destroying the crystals on the towers that regenerate the Ender Dragon’s health. If you leave them, there will be no point in harming the boss. After that, Kanzi and Tiko started shooting at the dragon with a crossbow. Both chimpanzees died often, and Tico initially fell off the map. Halfway through, the experiment had to be stopped because Kanzi refused to play and went to the enclosure.

In the end, Kanzi and Tico were able to defeat the Ender Dragon and complete the Minecraft storyline. It is important to note that it was Tiko who fired the final shot. In addition, the chimpanzees have mastered a new game technique. A button was added to the screen, which automatically places a block of water under the character during a fall. If you do it right before touching the surface, even a fall from a great height will not affect your health level. This technique is used by Minecraft players, but they do without an automatic button and independently get a bucket of water from the inventory.

The first Kanzi video was released on the ChrisDaCow channel in July 2023. Then the chimpanzees were taught to move to Minecraft, overcome obstacles and collect blocks. In six months, the chimpanzee has mastered enough skills to pass the final boss.

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