A bug in iOS 17.4 ruined the work of autocorrection on old iPhone models

A bug in iOS 17.4 ruined the work of autocorrection on old iPhone models

iPhone users have started reporting text correction crashes after the iOS 17.4 update. Most often, owners of older models face the problem, although the specific models and the total number of affected devices have not yet been determined.

The exact causes of the failure are being established, reports Gizmochina, but Apple has already acknowledged the problem and is preparing a fix that it plans to release in the near future. Until the release of update number 21E235, users will have to manually edit the errors. In some cases, restarting the smartphone, turning off and turning on autocorrection in the keyboard settings can temporarily help.

At the beginning of the month, iOS 17.4 users complained about high battery consumption after installing the update. One of them claimed that the battery had dropped by 40% after two hours of use.

In addition to increased battery consumption, updating iOS to 17.4 causes some users to lose the basic functionality of a cell phone – the network. Rebooting the phone, resetting network settings, turning on and off airplane mode, other manipulations do not help, or help for half an hour to an hour. In addition, iMessage and FaceTime are not activated.

Apple released iOS 17.4 with support for third-party app stores in the European Union on March 5. In addition, developers can use the NFC module with any payment systems, not just Apple Pay.

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