A blonde spy for Wirecard, the spicy arrival of Bitcoin, as well as the criminalization of IT in the Russian Federation

A blonde spy for Wirecard, the spicy arrival of Bitcoin, as well as the criminalization of IT in the Russian Federation

Almost all the most important and interesting financial news in Russia and the world in a week: Elon Musk is cynically jealous of OpenAI, prompt engineers are no longer needed, and neural network playboy bunnies are taking jobs away from warm-blooded ones.

Financial news from Russia, unfortunately, mostly does not correspond to the spirit of Habra. So you can read the full text version of this news release here, or watch the video.

Never Say Wirecard: Who Would James Bond Be Jealous Of?

In 1999, almost at the peak of the Dotcom bubble, the Wirecard payment company appeared in Germany. “Provodkarta” developed and grew perfectly, even went on the German stock exchange in 2005 – until, finally, in 2019, it suddenly became clear that its financial statements were a little less than completely fabricated (including 2 billion dollars in bank accounts) . The company successfully went bankrupt, and its manager named Jan Marsalek hastily “went off into the sunset” from the clutches of German law enforcement agencies.

Later in the story, a yacht, an airplane, a beautiful girl named Natalya appear…

Last week, a large espionage investigation about this same Marsalek appeared in the press, there simply in the best traditions of the genre: seduction by blondes, life underground under a fake passport of a Russian priest, industrial money laundering, cryptocurrency mining in Yakutia and military formations in Africa. You can read it at the link above in Der Spiegel, or google it in Russian.

He drugged – drank – in prison!

They want to include a new circumstance in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation that aggravates the punishment for committing the crime of using information technologies.

Well, we are waiting for the moment when the cyber police will arrest the IT people for cringe threads on twitter?


The ancient prophecy came true: on March 8, Bitcoin gave all cryptanas a spiritual gift and touched the price of $70k, setting a new record. (Then, admittedly, it rolled back a little – but in general it is not critical, it is now trading near $68k.)

A careful technical analysis of what is happening led Cryptans to an indisputable conclusion: the peaks of Bitcoin over the past 10 years were invariably associated with the new film adaptation of “Dune” by Denis Villeneuve.

The only science-based BTC/USD chart analysis I trust

In general, except for crypts, everything in the markets is growing vigorously in a row: gold has also exceeded its historical records (although, if you forget about the correction for inflation), and American stocks have followed suit.

As they say – the spice must flow!

Elon Musk is on fire from the fact that someone can cynically be successful without his direct participation

Let me remind you of the summary of the previous series: Elon Musk sued OpenAI because they, as they say, “cheated” him: drained him of several tens of millions of dollars, promising that the company would always remain non-commercial and exclusively open-source – and in U as a result, they broke all their “promises”. As proof, Musk attached several screenshots from old e-mail correspondence.

Last week, OpenAI posted an official “answer” on its blog, which also consists of email correspondence with Musk – only others. And it becomes clear from them that Musk, on the contrary, was completely drowning himself for the commercialization of the company, the attraction of external funding and the closure of the code – with one amendment: OpenAI should have completely and completely “fallen” under the Ilonian Tesla.

That is, it turns out that the whole essence of Elon Musk’s lawsuit is this: OpenAI, such reptiles, not only chose Microsoft instead of Tesla as the main partner, but also achieved success as a result (the probability of which without Tesla’s help was, according to Musk, about 0%). Wow, it’s unbearable to eat, brothers!!

Legal advice from old Elon: it’s not important how good your evidence is in court – it’s important how brilliantly you post on your own social network

And to the news of neural network marketing

The section “briefly about the interesting things that neural networkers write”:

  • Bobuk reflects on the fact that the profession of a prompt engineer for neural networks is dying before it has time to be born – because it turned out that neurons come up with requests for themselves much better than skin cells.

  • Ihor Kotenkov writes about how the MODEL realized herself (a direct quote from the author!!). There, in short, the Claude 3 neural network was tested by inserting unexpected facts into long texts – and then checking how well it remembered them. And the model at some point wrote “Doctor, some of your texts are strange, are you checking me or something?”. (Let’s face it: it’ll be a lot more fun when the next Claude 4 realizes she’s being scrutinized, and at the same time, it’s more profitable not to admit it right away.)

Brief analysis of the situation from Twitter

Good news of the week

This issue of “good news” will be themed on March 8: the Mexican Playboy for the first time placed on the cover a photo of an AI model named Samantha Everly. The good thing is that the abusive industry of glossy modeling is moving from the exploitation of lively and warm women to the abuse of red-eyed bearded IT guys who are now forced to generate beautiful pictures all day long and choose the best from them!

And before the holiday, Binance announced the release of a limited series of crypto-spirits to “attract more women to the blockchain industry.” The good news is that Kryptans now appear to be detectable by smell with their eyes closed.

I have saved the most popular news report for you. What do you think the crypt smells like? 🤔

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